Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Agent Workspace in ServiceNow


Today I had a chance to go through the Agent Workspace thought of sharing the learnings.
Agent workspace is New UI from ServiceNow for a Support engineer or developer to work on. It is as we have Studio for building an Application in ServiceNow.
Agent Workspace allows agents to work on multiple records without having to switch browser tabs.

  • It has the entire feature as we have in platform, For Example:
    • Sorting columns from A-Z or Z-A
    • The ability to show or filter out matching records (based on a specific column value)
    • Changing the number of rows displayed per page
    • List editing
    • Multi-list editing etc.
It also Include below:
  • Altogether separate form view which provide single screen
    • Form header contain all the information we need related to record like
      • Related records
      • Form Layout
      • Activity streams etc
    • It has option to order from catalog item on the same workspace.
    • Agent Assist is having a contextual search option, which provides
      • Provide similar records and trends using Predictive Intelligence
      • Search and attach knowledge articles
      • Search social Q&A entries
      • Order catalog items
      • Manage attachments
      • Apply Templates
    • If Organization has configured Agent Chat1 and Advanced Work Assignment, We can have Inbox icon in the fixed navigation bar. 
      • View the pending work items that are assigned to him (can include chat requests)
      • Accept or reject work
    • During chat, end user can transfer the chat to some other person .
    • Organization has integrated a telephony system with Agent Workspace,
      • A phone icon becomes visible in the fixed navigation bar.
      • He can make inbound and outbound calls.
    • We can personalize the list with set of work, like Incident assigned to me etc.
Configurations /Plugins / Roles

Any user with the admin role can activate the Agent Workspace [com.agent_workspace] plugin by navigating to System Definition > Plugins.

  1. workspace_admin
    1. The workspace_admin role provides the ability to configure Agent Workspace. This role contains the following roles:
      1. form_admin, chat_admin, template_editor,ui_action_admin,personalize_form,interaction_admin
    2. workspace_list_admin -- This is an elevated role.

      The [workspace_list_admin] role provides the ability to create list categories and filtered lists in Agent Workspace. This role contains the [agent_workspace_user] role.
    3. agent_workspace_user

      The agent_workspace_user role provides access to Agent Workspace UI. The itil (ITSM) and sn_esm_agent (CSM) roles contain this role. Assign the agent_workspace_user role to agents who need to work in Agent Workspace.
    4. workspace_user

      The workspace_user role provides access to workspace_core. This role is for internal use only.

ServiceNow provides preconfigured workspaces for other ServiceNow applications.
Below is a list of plugins you can install for additional workspaces:
  • CMDB
    • cmdb-workspace
  • Customer Service Management
    • snc.agent_workspace.csm
  • HR Services
    • sn_hr_agent_workspace
  • IT Service Management
    • snc.agent_workspace.itsm
  • Operational Intelligence
    • oi-scoped-app
  • Security Incident Response
    • sn_app_secops_ui

Additional Plugins for Agent Workspace
  • Route work items to agents so that they can access their work item assignments from their Agent Workspace inboxes by activating the 
    • Advanced Work Assignment [com.glide.awa] plugin.
  • Activate quick actions, response templates, Agent Chat, and the Chat service channel in Advanced Work Assignment by activating the 
    • Agent Chat [com.glide.interaction.awa] plugin.
  • Openframe and CTI enable third-party phone integrations for phone use by activating the
Openframe [com.sn_openframe] plugin

ServiceNow Docs
Now Learning

Happy Learning !!

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