Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Client-Server call in ServiceNow / Ajax Call / Asynchronous Call

 AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a group of interrelated, client-side development techniques used to create asynchronous Web applications.

AJAX enables web applications to send and retrieve information to and from a server in the background, without impacting the user experience with the displayed web page.


The GlideAjax class allows the execution of server-side code from the client. GlideAjaxcalls pass parameters to the script includes, and, using naming conventions, allows the use of these parameters.

Using GlideAjax:
·         Initialize GlideAjax with the name of the script include that you want to use.
·         When creating the script include, you must set the name field to be exactly the same as the class name.
·         When creating the script include, you must select the Client callable check box.
·         Specify the parameter sysparm_name. GlideAjax uses sysparm_name to find which function to use.
·         Any extra parameters may be passed in, all of which must begin with sysparm_. Avoid using predefined parameter names:
o   sysparm_name
o   sysparm_function
o   sysparm_value
o   sysparm_type
·         Code is then executed with the getXML() or getXMLWait() functions.

Example of asynchronous GlideAjax call
Client Side:
var ga = new GlideAjax('HelloWorld');
ga.addParam('sysparm_name', 'helloWorld');
ga.addParam('sysparm_user_name', "Bob");
function HelloWorldParse(response) {
  var answer = response.responseXML.documentElement.getAttribute("answer");
  alert(answer); }

Server Side Code:
var HelloWorld = Class.create();
HelloWorld.prototype = Object.extendsObject(AbstractAjaxProcessor, {
   helloWorld:function() { return "Hello " + this.getParameter('sysparm_user_name') + "!"; } ,
   _privateFunction: function() { // this function is not client callable     

Note: You must set the name of the script include to HelloWorld.
  • ·         The sys_script_include code must extend the AbstractAjaxProcessorclass and be client-callable.
  • ·         Function names starting with "_" are considered private and are not callable from the client.
  • ·         Avoid overriding methods of AbstractAjaxProcessor, including initialize. While it is possible to invoke methods of your superclass object which you have overridden, it is complicated and best avoided altogether.

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