Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Security Operation Certification preparation

 1)Which business rule is used for creating a Ci

A. Determine CI from Network Details
B. Create CI from Vulnerable Item

2)Vulnerability Groups are used to group Vulnerable Items based on ______. (Select all that apply)
A. Vulnerability
 B. Vulnerable Item Condition
C. Filter Group
D. Assignment Group

3)Which of the following is a common integration point between Vulnerability and GRC?
A. Risk Indicators
 B. Problem
C. Change
D. Security Incident Response
4) Which of the following is true about workflows in Vulnerability Response.
A. Any user with sn_vul.vulnerability_read can edit the workflow.
B. Users with sn_vul. vulnerability _write cannot view the workflows
C. There are no workflows available with vulnerability plugin
D. Users with admin role cannot edit vulnerability workflow without sn_vul.admin
5)GRC is available with vulnerability plugin for the management of risk assessments, risk indicators, and risk issues.
6)Which of the following are available on Vulnerability overview(choose all that apply)
A. Vulnerable items by CI
B. Vulnerable items by CVE
C. Vulnerable items by score
D. Vulnerable items by Impact
7) Which plugin must be activated to enable vulnerability response with third party integrations like qualys,rapid7.
A. Vulnerability response
B. Threat intelligence
CTrusted Security Circles Client
D. Security Incident Response

8)Clicking on close/defer ui action will set vulnerable item to false;
A. True
B. False
9)Applications from Servicenow store are maintained by
A. organizations that created the Application
B. Servicenow Support

10)what is vulnerability
ANS: Any weakness that allows exploitation or an attacker to further reduce security posture.
11)who will maintain CVE and CWE
12)What is the prefix for Vulnerability scope tables
Ans: sn_vul.
13) which property is used for auto creation of vulnerability groups.
14)when creating change from VIT it is recommended to assign the change task to CI owner (Assigned to)
A. true
B. False
15) Which of the following ciso/cio requires on reporting dashboard (select all that apply)(2 questions)
A. overview
B. Drill down reporting
C. Single, overall health of the organization
D. up-to-date minute view

17. which of the following is not available on vulnerability groups.
A. Vulnerability
B. Condition
C. Filter groups
D. Advanced script

18. Closing vulnerability group with exception will close all vulnerable items in the group.
A. True
B. False.

19. What will you recommend your client(donot remember the question exactly)
Ans: Keep CMDB updated.

20. Which of the following business rules are available with Vulnerability plugin.
A. Add Vulnerable Item CI to Task
B. Associate VIs on Condition Change
C. Determine vulnerable items
D. Clear Vulnerability if Custom Filter

21. Vulnerable items created from Qualys scanner are created as
A. Import sets
B. Update sets

22.Which role is required to edit vulnerability workflows.
Ans: sn_vul.admin

23.workflows created for approval of vulnerable item is tagged to which table
ANS:    sn_vul_change_approval

24.CVE’s are imported from
ANS: National vulnerability database

25. What is CWE
ANS: Common weakness enumeration

26. CVE deals with software weakness and find a way of effectively managing the softwares.
ANS: false
27. Path for filter groups
ANS: security operations>groups>filter groups

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