Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Service Mapping Exam Preparation Part 1

 1.       What we can do to prevent a step from running

a.       Use Pre-conditions which fails

2.       What are the 3 sections in a pattern?
a.       Identification, Extension and Connection

3.       When Service mapping discovers a CI, what is the Discovery Source?
a.       Servicewatch

4.       Best Practice of Identification rule?
a.       Identify the application-> Fill all criterion attributes->Fill all mandatory attributes-> Fill all attributes asked by the customer

5.       What happens when the host mentioned in the SaCmdManager console is not present in CMDB
a.       It starts horizontal discovery for that host

6.       Max number of CIs we should have in a Business Service?
a.       50

7.       If we populate a variable in an Identification Rule, where all we can use that variable?
a.       In all the steps after that step and in all the connections of that pattern

8.       What is needed to discover load balancer
a.       Management IP

9.       What we can do to prevent an Identification rule/Connection from running
a.       Using a Match operation in the beginning which fails

10.   What does an error on the map look like?
a.       Yellow Triangle

11.   How do you auto create incidents in event management?
a.       Alert Rules

12.   How do you create an alert in event management?
a.       Event Correlation Rule

13.   What is the relationship between application server and application?
a.       Who is parent and who is child

14.   What does represent?
a.       At least 1 business service where users can access loans, checking, saving, mortagages

15.   What happens when the entry point host couldn’t be discovered?
a.       The Service mapping stops until the discovery can be successful

16.   What is the correct flow?
a.       Host Detection-->Process Detection-->Application Identification-->Application Connection

17.   How does MID server communicate with the ServiceNow instance?
a.       Initiates over HTTPS    

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