Wednesday, September 16, 2020

ServiceNow Application Developer Part 1

 1.       Which displays message under a field? 

Ans: g_form.showfieldMsg
2.       What does the script do g_user.hasRole(‘xyz_role’)? 
Ans: Check if the current logged in user has the xyz_role or admin role
3.       Which runs on server side? 
Ans: Schedule jobs, Business Rules and Script Actions
4.       When anything happens within ServiceNow what’s triggered? 
Ans: Event
5.       Workflows are used for? 
Ans: Automation of approvals, email notifications and automated execution of logic (UI Actions – except this option everything else applies)
6.       Email Notifications have? 
Ans: Whom to send, when to send and what to send (How to send – except this option everything else applies)
7.       User can join Document feed for a record  by using? 
Ans: Context menu or Button on form
8.       When workflow is published which are not true? 
Ans: A copy of the new version published workflow is created and listed in History
9.       Which are always Server side scripting? 
Ans: Business rules, script includes, schedule jobs. But not “UI Actions”
10.   When field is removed by form design, the field is removed from database. 
Ans: False
11.   Properties in application are accessed by? 
Ans: gs.getProperty
12.   Properties of an application should be editable by who? Which is good practice? 
Ans: Application admin and ServiceNow admin.
13.   Application properties should be edited by who? As per good practice? 
Ans: Default application properties should never be edited.
14.   Extending a table from another table. Which of the following is not true? 
Ans: Parent records will be copied to child table.
15.   A Table with three fields field1, field2, field3. 
Table.None – Read – itil and Admin
Table.field 3 – read – only admin
What will itil have access to?
Ans: All fields other than field 3
16.   When you change application in application picker what happens? Application scope is changed and development of application files will be attached to current application
17.   When “Can Read” is not provided in “Application access” settings? Which other options are hidden.
Ans: “Can Read” check box does not hide any other options.
18.   When “Allow webservice” selected in Application access settings, which of the following apply?
Ans: User can access records but should have sufficient privileges to access the records of the application table via web service
19.   When “Assigned to: (Dynamic): Me” is used, what does it me?
Ans: All tickets of ‘current table’ assigned to current logged in user will be listed
20.   What to use to debug condition field of UI Policies? 
Ans: UI Policy option is selected in Javascript Debugger window (not sure)
21.   Why do we extend tables from another table. Which does not stand true among the options?
Ans: All configurations used in parent table has to be scripted again in child table
22.   What is servicenow Store? 
Ans: To download ServiceNow custom applications
23.   How to redirect to a different page via Record Producer?
Ans: producer.redirect(‘<URL>’);
24.   How to create record producer directly?
Ans: Go to Table dictionary and click under related links “Add to Service Catalog”
25.   Record producer – which of the following is not true?
Ans: They always create records on Requested Item table (sc_req_item)
26.   What is “override menu role” used for?
Ans: Modules to be displayed even though the logged in user does not have the menu role but has the module role
27.   How are menus and modules – access are made limited?
Ans: Using roles
28.   When Script field is empty in ACL, it’s by default False. Say True/False. Ans: False
29.   When will the user get access to tables records?
a. Script field should be true
b. condition field should be true
c. Required roles. User should have at least one role from here
d. other matching ACLs should also evaluate to true
Ans: All a, b, c and d
30.   When workflow is checked out? Who will have the new modifications applied while others follow the old version.
Ans: User who checked out the workflow
31.   When “Allow configuration” is selected in table – Application access settings which of the following stand true?
Ans: Allows creation of Business rules from other application scope
32.   ServiceNow advices to use “Scoped” application rather than Global as Good practice.
Ans: True
33.   What are Homepages?
Ans: To make some information available organization wide along with gauges displayed on the page.
34.   Types of reports that could be directly configured by right clicking the table header when list of records are displayed?
Ans: Bar and PIE charts
35.   Which facility helps mapping of import set fields to target fields easily in Transform maps.
Ans: Auto map matching fields.
36.   "Generate Saample SOAP Message" is used for? 
Ans: To get the script that could be used to invoke SOAP message in server side scripts.
37.   To access event parameters in E-mail notification, what should be used?
Ans: “” is used.
38.   What will work in Scripting of Scheduled jobs?
Ans: GlideSystem and GlideRecord objects
39.   What is event registry used for.
Ans: To let ServiceNow know the list of events that are existing in system and will be triggered after referring to this table whenever a BR triggers an event.
40.   Which of the following is not a REST Message function? 
Ans: Copy
41.   Will all client scripts E.g. g_form.flash() work on both Mobile and Desktop? 
Ans: False
42.   When a new Custom Application is created, it is automatically added to Mobile menu? 
Ans: False
43.   When a new field is added to the form, it is automatically added to “Default view” of list. 
Ans: True
44.   Which of the following is very useful and frequently used in ACL.
Ans: gs.getUser() and Current.isNewrecord()
45.   Which of the module types in Navigation menus have “Link type” mandatory?
Ans: Assessment, HTML from arguments, URL from arguments (and Script from arguments)
46.   In which order the ACL’s are executed
Ans: Role, Condition, Script
47.   What indicates that the ACL was taken from a cached result of a previous ACL check?
Ans: Blue circle, Blue circle with tick mark in White, Blue circle with X mark.
48.   In an application scope, for async business rule on different application scope which of the option is not available.
Ans: Query

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