Wednesday, September 16, 2020

ServiceNow Application Developer Part 3


1.       What will help users telling what value should be entered in the Record Producer field on the form?
·         Help Link
·         Wiki Link
·         Annotations
·         Form Link

2.       What is not the type of a Ui action?
·         List Choice
·         List Link
·         List Banner Button
·         Form Choice

3.       Whenever an application module is created in the desktop it is automatically added to the mobile application.

4.       When a Async Business Rule is written for a table in other scope from the Business Rule then what cannot be included in the Async Business Rule-
·         Update
·         Query
·         Delete
·         Insert

5.       What cannot be controlled using Application Access-
·         Update
·         Query
·         Delete
·         Insert

6.       Script in the Record Producer runs when a record is –
·         Loaded
·         Inserted
·         Updated
·         Deleted

7.       What option contains only the module link types –
·         URL (from Arguments), List of Records, Roles
·         Separator, List of Records, Roles
·         URL (from Arguments), Separator, Timeline Page
·         URL (from Arguments), List of Records, Records

8.       Which option returns true only when the users specifically have ‘role_name’ role and not ‘admin’ role -
·         hasRole(‘role_name’)
·         hasRoleOnly(‘role_name’)
·         hasRoleExactly(‘role_name’)
·         hasRoles(‘role_name’)

9.       Which type should be used when the module should redirect to the Record Producer form –
·         URL (form Arguments :)
·         HTML (form Arguments :)
·         Content Page
·         Script (form Arguments :)

10.   In SOAP function which indicates an argument is to be passed-
·         <argument_name>
·         ${ argument_name }
·         current. argument_name
·         < current.argument_name >

11.   Which indicates that the ACL was taken from a cached result of a previous ACL check-
·         A blue checkmark, a blue circle with cross mark and blue empty circle
·         A red checkmark, a red circle with cross mark and red empty circle
·         A blue checkmark, a blue circle with cross mark and red empty circle
·         A Green checkmark, a green circle with cross mark and blue empty circle

12.   Which all should be passes in an ACL to get the records of a table –(multiple choice)
·         Any of the roles mentioned
·         Condition must be satisfied
·         Script should return true
·         And any other matching ACLs

13.   Wher g_user object can be used –
·         Client scripts, UI policies and Script Includes
·         Business Rules and Script Includes
·         Client scripts, UI policies and UI actions(where client scripts can be written)
·         UI Policies, UI actions and Script Includes

14.   Which can be triggered by an event in servicenow –
·         Script Include, Scheduled Job, Script Action
·         Scheduled Jobs and Email Notifications Only
·         Scheduled Jobs only
·         Email Notifications and Script Action Only

15.   Which is/are true among the following (Multiple choice)
·         Users with appropriate roles can create reports on audited tables
·         Reports can be scheduled from Scheduled Jobs
·         Users with appropriate roles can create reports on tables
·         (don’t remember this option)

16.   Which are true regarding form design (Multiple choice)
·         Dragging and dropping of a field type and then editing name will create a field on the form
·         Dragging and dropping of a field on the form will add that field on the form
·         Dragging and dropping of a section from field type will create a new section
·         Clicking x button on the field will remove it from the field

17.   Which are true regarding Team Development (Multiple choice)
·         Used for comparing local instance to other peer instances.
·         Used to pull or push updates to local instance from parent instance.
·         Used to resolve collisions between instances
·         Used to handle development activities between instances.

18.   The vendor prefix can be changed anytime.

19.   UI Policies runs after client scripts and can erase the actions taken by client scripts.

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