Wednesday, September 16, 2020

ServiceNow Discovery Exam Preparation Part 6


1.       Which MID server parameters cannot be changed from ServiceNow instance

2.       When Extension section from discovery pattern executed

3.       Transform table operation – screenshot based question from book

4.       What variables shown on right side of pattern designer

5.       Identify pattern type – screenshot shown of global properties

6.       ITOM benefits – Agility, Improved availability, Visibility to Demand & finance ……

7.       What should match on Discovery pattern & CI classifier

8.       What is common on Filter table & Transform table operation

9.       Operation using which file will be copied to target

10.   What is shown in cmdb relationship table

11.   Three main tables of CMDB

12.   CMDB health dashboard – C C C

13.   Select option when CI Identifier failed …..related error will occur

14.   CI class manager – what all things shown…..

15.   How data population managed in case of multiple data sources --- reconciliation

16.   What associates credentials with CI – credential affinity

17.   Variable types available in snmp query

18.   Discovery & Service mapping comparison related question

19.   Select false option from provided – question related to setting value using variable concatenation

20.   What is used to concatenate  à +

21.   What needs to be increased if mid server threads increased

22.   Discovery dashboard errors– possible recommended ACTION ON ALL

23.   Scenario based question on Parsing options – Regex, delimited text

24.   Can multiple classification strategies used for CI’s – True/False

25.   How location can be populated  -- discovery schedule

26.   Data returned from mid servers comes on which ecc queue – input

27.   What is shown on MID server dashboard

28.   What is benefit of using IP range sets

29.   Possible option to delete CI’s not discovered in last 30 days – scheduled job

30.   Question on de-duplication task remediation system property

31.   What defines discovery functionality definition

32.   How discovery behaviors used – mid server selection method on disc schedule




1.       Mid server user role

2.       1.2.x.x/24 how many ip ranges will be created? Discovery batch size is 5000 how many shazam triggers?

3.       Application pattern necessary  parameters?

4.       Basic def of pattern multi select

5.       CMDB discovery home (Dashboard) completeness correctness

6.       What do we do in Reconciliation?

7.       Health dashboard ?what is  Completeness ? Required field /recommended field

8.       Pattern syntax for get the variable name?

9.       Mid server

10.   Affinity

11.   What is the best option to select Mib? (from services)

12.   Pattern operation to select table (source target) what happens when it excecutes?

13.   ECC queue probe and sensor communication

14.   Where the midserver is installed (Multi select)

15.   Default thread for Mid server(25)

16.   To discover windows devices which access is needed (local admin n domain admin)

17.   Set initial selection criteria (allow all app, ip range, capabilities)

18.   After running discovery what are the related list available? (devices, ecc queue, discovery log)

19.   Where can we see discovery log link directly?

20.   In Discovery schedule form what are the options available? Multi slect (Discover, location,credential,Use behavior)

21.   Data source pre-decission order ()

22.   Possible reasons for shazzam retuns no output

23.   If there are duplicate cis  (De duplicate, event)

24.   Mid server clustering batch size

25.   Where do we add probes?

26.   SNMP Query

27.   Pattern Operations

28.   Merge table-operation

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