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ServiceNow Implementation Specialist Part 7

 ServiceNow Implementation Dumps

1. ServiceNow supports VPN encryption for traffic
a. From instance to customer network
b. From customer network to ServiceNow
c. Back and forth between the customer network and ServiceNow
d. Only from customer

2. Where can you see the upgrades to the instance
System Diagnostics > Upgrade History           
3. Where are the logs from gs.log in business rules stored?
A. System Logs >Transactions B. System Logs > Event Log C. System Logs > All D. Logs > Transactions
4. What is the maximum response time for ping tests?
250 milliseconds

5. Which of the following are executed in an order determined by SNC rather than a user defined order?
a. Business Rules
b. Client Scripts
c. UI Policies
d. Script Actions

6. Process to capture customer defined workflows in an update set
a. Checkout the workflow, and publish it.
b. Customer defined workflows cannot be captured in update sets
c. Checkout the workflow.
d. Publish the workflow.

7. What will happen if you create a field called "Short Description" on the change table?
A. The field will override the "Short Description" field on the task table.
B. Both the Short Description fields from the change and task tables are available on the form layout for selection and can be displayed to users.
C. The "Short Description" field on the task table is replaced with the new field.

8. How can you set the default value of the "Short Description" field on the Problem Task table to "PROBLEM TASK - XXX"?
A. Create a new field on the problem task table and set the default value.
B. Set the default value on the "Short Description" field on the task table.
C. Create a Dictionary Override for the "Short Description" field for the Problem Task table, and set the default value here.
D. Set the default value using a client script.

9. The client is complaining that incidents numbers are not in sequence. How can you prevent numbering gaps?
A. This is not possible in ServiceNow.
B. Create a business rule to assign the latest number to the incident.
C. Create a new field and assign numbers to that field.
D. Set the "Assign a task number only upon insert" system property.

10. What is dot-walking?
This references a field by building a chain of field names separated by dots.

11. How to disable auditing on a field?
A. Audit field checkbox
B. Set the attribute to "no_audit=true"
C. Set the attribute to "no_audit=false"
D. It is not possible to exempt individual fields from auditing.

12. What is a sys_id?
A unique 32-character GUID, that will identify every record created in every table in every instance of ServiceNow.

13. How can you bypass the SSO provider and allow users who can't login via SSO?

14. What are the different phases of a ServiceNow implementation?
Plan, Discover, Prepare, Deploy, Operate (PDPDO)

15. Responsibilities of the Engagement Manager?

16. 3 factors responsible for performance
Application server response, network latency & throughput, browser rendering and parsing.

17. Where does ServiceNow store user's passwords from LDAP?
A. User table
B. Any table defined as per the import source
C. Doesn't store the password anywhere
D. Import set table.

18. How can you use the elevated privilege?
A. security_admin role
B. High Security plugin
C. Default Deny property
D. Administrator

19. Which protocol is used for incoming mail to ServiceNow? (question can be asked differently ,like creating or updating incidents)

20. How can you raise a VPN request?
A. By submitting a request on
B. System Settings > VPN module
C. System Upgrades > VPN
D. VPN property

21. Which of the following is a server side script?
A. Client Scripts
B. UI Policy
C. UI Script
D. Business Rules

22. What is LDAP usually used for?
Data Population and User Authentication
23. ServiceNow recommends using the getReference method with a callback function, when
a. Calling an "alert"
b. Calling a business rule
c. Always use getReference with a callback function
d. Never use getReference with a callback function

24. ServiceNow provides customers with a dedicated database, application and data isolation using which one of the following models?
A. Single-tenant
B. Multi-tenant
C. Hybrid Cloud
D. Domain Separation

25. Which of the following can be used to invoke an outbound SOAP message within the SNC application?
A. UI Policy
B. Business Rule
C. UI Property
D. Import Set

26. Which one of the following would improve the performance of loading forms within ServiceNow?
A. Reduce the number of related lists configured for a form.
B. Increase the number of client scripts for a table.
C. Reduce the number of read-only fields defined for a form.
D. Reduce the number of mandatory fields defined for a form.

27. Which of the following is the proper syntax for accessing values of variables from the record producer script field?
A. g_form.getReference('variable_name')
B. g_form.getVariable('variable_name')
C. producer.variable_name
D. current.variable_name

28. Which of the following is the proper syntax for accessing values of Catalog variables from a client script?
A. g_form.getElement('variable_name')
B. g_form.getValue('variable_name')
C. current.variables.variable_name
D. current.variable_name

29. How can you check for null fields using the gs object?
A. nil()
B. null()
C. isEmpty()
D. isNull()

30. What other variable is accessible in business rules along with current, and previous??

31. Which of the following is a valid gs method?
A. dateDifference (string, string, boolean)
B. log (message, method)
C. addInformationMessage (message)
D. alert (message)
32. The High Security Plugin is enabled. A new app has been created, and mapped to the ITIL role. Deny permission is true. If an admin logs in to the instance, which of the following is true?
A. User will not be able to view the application, and will not be able to read or create new records.
B. User will be able to see the application, but will not have access to read or create records in the application.
C. User will be able to see the application, and the records, but wont be able to create new records.
D. User will be able to see the application, and can read/ create new records.

33. What is the LDAPS port?

34. What can be captured in update sets?
A. Customer task/ process data
B. Banner information
C. Customer homepages

35. What can you use to enforce process and data separation?
A. Domain separation
B. Business Rules
C. Transform Maps
D. Import Sets

36. Which of the following is true regarding the sys_dictionary table? 
A. The sys_dictionary tables defines all the tables and fields within the instance, and provides customization options for tables and fields.
B. This table defines only out-of-box tables and fields in an instance.
C. The table provides customization options only for custom tables and fields.

37. How can you safe-guard data that is not required in integrations?
A. Business Rules
B. Update Sets
C. Import Sets
D. Access Controls

38. If duplicate records are inserted into a table populated from a data source, what could be the problem?
Incorrect coalesce field definition.

39. How to implement unique fields in ServiceNow?
Unique field checkbox on the form.

40. The customer is using a lot of reports on the homepage and is complaining about slow loads. Effective way to improve performance?
A. Reduce the number of gauges on the homepage
B. Increase the refresh rate on the homepage
C. Enable transaction logging.
D. Set up ACLs.

41. Which of the following is a use of the Client Transaction Timings plugin?
A. Enhanced performance.
B. Enhanced user experience.
C. Enhanced logging.
D. Decreased load times.

42. How can you create custom lists and forms based on roles?
A. UI Scripts
B. UI Policies
C. Client Scripts
D. Views.

43. What will degrade performance severely if used in a before business rule?
A. current.update()
B. gs.setAbortAction ()
C. gs.eventQueue ()
D. current.setRedirect ()

44. How to change the login page content?
System UI > Welcome Page Content

46. Frequency of instance backups by SNC
A. 12 hrs
B. 24 hrs
C. Weekly
D. 48 hrs

47. How to consume external web services from within ServiceNow?
Outbound Web Service

48. Which layer is responsible for extending tables?
Database Layer

49. Which of the following is true?
A. The task table cannot be extended, and cannot extend from any other table
B. The task can be extended but cannot extend any other table in SNC.
C. The task table can be an extension of some other table in ServiceNow, but it cannot be extended

50. How to consume a customer's web service behind a firewall?
MID Server

51. How do ServiceNow and the MID Server communicate with each other?
ECC Queue

52. How to check memory usage?
B. Not possible in SNC
C. Available only to admin

53. How to execute Server-side code from the client?

54. Deployment best practice example
Do not migrate to production during business hours.

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