Wednesday, September 16, 2020

ServiceNow Interview Questions Part 6

 1.      What Is A Bsm Map?

BSM Map is a Business Service Management map.It graphically displays the configuration items (CI) that support a business service and indicates the status of those configuration items.

2.      In Which Table Update Sets And Customization Are Stored?
Each update set is stored in the Update Set [sys_update_set] table, and the customizations that are associated with the update set, are stored in [sys_update_xml] table.

3.      What Happens If A Default Update Set Is Marked As Complete?
If the Default update set is marked Complete, the system creates another update set named Default1 and uses it as the default update set.

4.      Does Home Pages And Content Pages Are Added To The Update Sets?
Homepages and content pages are not added to update sets by default. You must manually add pages to the current update set by unloading them.

5.      What Is Reference Qualifier?
Reference qualifiers is used to restrict the data that is selectable for a reference field.

6.      What Is Performance Analytics In Servicenow?
Performance Analytics is an additional application in ServiceNow that allows customers to take a snapshot of data at regular intervals and create time series for any key performance indicator (KPI) in the organization.

7.      What Is The Difference Between Next() And _next() Method?
next() method is responsible to move to the next record in GlideRecord. _next() provides the same functionality as next(), intended to be used in cases when we query the table having a column name as next.

8.      How To Set The Invalid Queries Into Empty Result Sets?
By default queries with invalid field names run but ignore the invalid condition. For more strict query control you can enable the glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows property which will result in an empty result set for invalid queries.

9.      How To Determine Whether Any Of The Field Value In A Record Have Changed?
By using the method changes() you can determine that the field value has been changed for a record.

10.  Which Object Is Used To Reference The Current Active Form In Client Script?
g_form object is used to reference the current active form in client script

11.  Which Object Is Used To Refer The Current Logged In User In Client Script?
You can use the object g_user object to get the details of current active user.
12.  State The Best Practices Of Client Scripts?
Few of the best practices to use client Scripts :
Enclose Code in Functions.
Aviod DOM manipulation, use g_form object.
Avoid global client scripting, etc.
13.  How Will You Hide/show A Field Using Client Script?
You can use the g_form.setVisible(‘fieldname’, ‘value’); method to show/hide a field using client script.

14.  What Is The Processing Order For Record Acl Rules?
Record ACL rules are processed in the following order:
Match the object against field ACL rules.
Match the object against table ACL rules.
User must pass both field and table ACL rules in order to access a record object.
15.  How To Change The Homepage Layout?
Administrators can create or modify layouts by navigating to Homepage Admin > Layouts.

16.  How To Enable Automatic User Creation From Email?
Set the property glide.pop3readerjob.create_caller to true in system properties.

17.  How Servicenow Recognizes Inbound Emails?
Via Watermark or In­Reply­To email header. If These are not present, ServiceNow recognizes email containing a prefix in the subject line.

18.  How To Create An Inbound Email Action?
Navigate to System Policy > Email > Inbound Actions and Click New.

19.  How To Control The Script Conditions Of Access Control Rules Apply To A Table’s Reference Fields?
You can Add glide.sys_reference_row_check to the System properties and set to true.

20.  Name Few Types Of Reports That You Can Generate?
Few of reports are:
21.  How To Activate The Reporting Engine?
Make the system property to true.

22.  How To Create Your Own Report?
Navigate to Reports > Create New. In releases prior to Eureka, navigate to Reports > View / Run and then click New.

Which Role Is Required To Create And Access Baseline?
ecmdb_admin role is required to create and access baselines.

23.  How To Get The Row Count In A Glide Record?
By using the getRowCount() function you can retrieve the number of rows.

24.  What Is The Difference Between Deletemultiple() And Deleterecord()
deleteMultiple() deletes multiple records according to the current "where" clause. Does not delete attachments, whereas deleteRecord() deletes single record.

25.  How To Restrict Users To Upload An Attachment In Servicenow
Following is the step wise step process:
Navigate to System Properties > Security.
In the Attachment limits and behavior section, locate the List of roles (comma-separated) that can create attachments: property (glide.attachment.role).
Enter one or more roles separated by commas.
Only roles listed in this property are able to upload attachments to a record. If no roles are entered, then all roles can upload attachments to ServiceNow forms.
Click Save.

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