Wednesday, September 16, 2020

ServiceNow System Administration Part 3

 1.    Which is not Related to Ui Action

A . Form Button
B. Form Link
c. Search
D . List Link

Anwer : C

2.    What search Engine servicenow using
Answer: Zing

3.    Which is true about update set

Ans : Update set contains list of configuration changes and which can be migrated from instance to another instance.

4.    Which is correct way of migrating updates et
Ans : Check update set is completed, Retrieve , Preview, Commit.

5.    What happens when merge two update sets. And that two update sets has same changes. Ex (two update sets has incident form configuration changes)
      Ans : It will merge both update set and it can move the latest update set record.
6.    Which are the following statement is true about notification ?
Ans : Alerting the user when any event is occurs

7.    How many ways we can trigger Email notification
It is checj box
Answers are
1.    Business Rule
2.    Workflow
8.    If worknotes changes for task is email send to all watch list users by default
Answer : False

9 . What is the string display at filter icon

Answer : BreadCrumb

10 . how to make list filter visible to all users in servicenow

11. How to import spread sheet
Ans : Load data – Import set – Transform
12. Which one of the following is a definition for transform map in servicenow.
Ans : A  map to determine the relationship between fields displaying in an importset to fields in an existing tables.

13 . according to best practice which is the best way to make fields read only, mandatory, visible

Ans : ui policy

14 . which is true in below option true on incident for ui policy.
There are weird options
Ans : it will make priority readonly

15 . what all user can perform using user menu
Its check box
1.    Logout
2.    Impersonate
3.    Elevate roles

16 . Which all true about servicenow home page
Answer : Navigation menu, Banner, Content pane

17. Is connect support work real time…. Bla bla
Ans : True

18 . There is one question on  Response time
Ans : Network , server, browser

19 . Cmdb_ci_appl is ------------------ for cmdb_ci table
Answer : Child class

20 . What is the parent table for Incident, Problem , change
Ans : Task

21. How to set default value
There are few weird options
Answer : Assignment rule

22. What is the name of group table
Ans : sys_user_group

23. question related to base table and core table

24 . How data structured –
Ans :  Column is one field and row in one record

25 . where can we write ACL
Ans : Column, Row, Table

26 . Is List is report type
Ans : True

27 . Table acl rule execution order

Ans : table name, parent table name, match any table name(wild card)

28. Which is true about ACl
Ans : ACl rule should pass column level and Should pass row level

29 . Which is true when new table extend existing table

Ans : New table inherits all variables(dictionary ) and it may have new fields related to new table

30 . ServiceNow_____________________ graphically displays an infrastructure view for a configuration item (CI) and the business
Ans : Dependency Views

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