Wednesday, September 16, 2020

ServiceNow System Administration Part 5

 1)      In task record watch list users added to it will receive notification of anything added to work notes

Ans – No

2)      What are key cmdb tables?
Ans - Cmdb_ci, cmdb_rel_ci

3)      What are update set recommendations?
Ans – Customizations involving movement of update set from prod to development.

4)      What are the UI interfaces of the workflow editor 
Ans - Canvas, Title Bar, Palette.

5)      Another question related to Workflow UI Interface with different options
Ans -Canvas, Header Bar, Palette, Activity Tab – Correct ans is Canvas, Palette

6)      What are the main areas of User interface?
 Ans -App Navigator, Banner, Content Frame.

7)      What is recorded in the activity stream?
Ans -Record history/ updates of users.

8)      What is the purpose of service catalog?
Ans -To build complex workflows and send notifications to users/groups by fulfilling the request.

9)      Which is not a category accessed under settings banner frame?
Ans -Records.

10)  Is sla applicable only for task tables?  Yes

11)  What users are allowed to do in Knowledge management?
           Ans - create/edit/view articles.

12)  What are two core tables?
Ans -sys_user, cmn_location

13)  What are column context menus?

Ans -Used for filtering the records (Don’t remember other options)
14)  In user menu what actions can user complete?

15)  Purpose of update set? (Please choose the option carefully as answers are tricky)
Ans – Customizations involving movement of update set from prod to development.

16)  What is an event in snow?

Ans -Event causes a trigger which has a direct response in service now

17)  Name of the string that displays the filter criteria.

Ans -Breadcrumbs.

18)  From which places text search can be performed?
Ans - List view, News

19)  What role is used for adding or removing fields from the list?

Ans -Personalize_list.

20)   Task related records extend task table. Can a task refer one or more configuration items? 
 Ans -True.

21)  Purpose of workflows?

Ans -To implement multi-step process.

22)  Which one best describes the ACL?

Ans -It should satisfy both row and field level acl’s

23)  Incident number is already prefixed with INCT. Can it be changed to INC using which option below?

Ans -Number maintenance.

24)  ACL is applied on?

Ans -Tables and fields

25)  Which best describes the roles?

Ans -Roles will contain other roles and will inherit the contained roles as well.

26)  How to differentiate SLA, OLA and underpinning contracts based on which options below?

Ans -Type.

27)  Workflow components?

Ans -Approvals, Task Notifications

28)  Which options below defines UI Actions?
Ans -Related links, form buttons, list button.
29)  Steps for loading data through transform map
Ans -Load data -> Create transform map -> Run transform
30)  A cmdb table is already extended can another class be created from this table?
Ans -True.
31)  Which of the following options execute at server side?

Ans -Script include

32)  What is the purpose of mapping assist?

Ans -Mapping done at field level

33)  Which one is correct for describing a brule?
Ans -A piece of JavaScript.

34)  Difference between SAVE and INSERT buttons
Ans -Save will stay on the form while insert will get re-directed to the list.

35)  Which one among the below which ensures data security?
Ans - Data policy.

36)  Changes that aren’t captured in the update set –
Ans - User/group records, CI modifications

37)  To generate task based records through service request which is the correct option below?
Ans -Record producer.
38)  When submit button appears on the form?
                    Ans -New record.
39)  Which is correct from below?
Ans -A column is field and row is a record.

40)  Multiple customizations are done to the same form through different update sets. Which change would be moved to production.

Ans – After merging the update sets the most recent one will be available.

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