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ServiceNow System Administration Part 7


ServiceNow System Administration Part 7

1.       What  application  is  available  to  all  users?
A. Change
B. Incident
C. Facilities
D. Self-­‐Service

2.       After high security plugin is activated, a  security_admin  privilege  is  created.  What  is an elevated privilege?
A. Elevated  privilege  is  used  to  promote  extension  tables
B. Used  to  enable  the  ITIL  role  to  have  an  Admin  type  access
C. A  role  that  has  special  permissions  for  the  duration  of  the  log  in  session
D. Users  with  the  Admin  role

3.       In  a  SLA  definition,  which  one  of  the following  is  a  condition  that  will  trigger  an  SLA?
A. Begin  Condition,  Stop  Condition,  and  Pause  Condition
B. Start  Condition,  Stop  Condition and  Reset  Condition
C. Start Condition, End Condition and Pause Condition
D. Start Condition, Stop Condition and Pause Condition
Start, pause and reset

4.       Multiple Choice, Single Line Texts and Select Box are what type of elements in Service Now?
A. Order  Guides
B. Request  Types
C. Variable  Types
D. Related  Lists

5.       By default  in  ServiceNow,                         
A. Changes made to data
B. Changes  made to a form
C. Changes  made  to  a  schedule
D. Changes  made to a homepage

6.       What  is  a  Transform  Map  in  ServiceNow?
A. A  map  that  is  used  to  store  the  history  of  the  incident  records
B. A  map  used  to  add  data  to  encrypted  fields
C. A map used to trigger Business rules before the data is queued in the outbound Web Service
D. A map to determine relationships between fields displaying an import set to fields in an existing table

7.       How are users related to roles or groups?
A.      1 to many relationships
B.      Many to 1 relationship
C.      1 to 1 relationship
D.      Many to many relationship

8.       Which table stores roles?
A. user_role
B. sys_user_role
C. imp_user
D. sys_role
(Answer: B)

9.       Assign Role, Manager, Incidents, Problems and Change
A.      ITIL/Fulfiller
B.      System Administrator
C.      Approver
D.      ESS User/End User

10.   Out of the below listed applications, which will not run natively on smartphones?
A.      Workflow
B.      User Administration
C.      Self-Service
D.      Service Catalogue

11.   What are the steps in SLA?
A.      Start, Pause, Stop
B.      Start, Hold, Stop
C.      Start, Pause, Stop, End
D.      Start, Hold, Stop, End

12.   Gauge is added to:
A.      User Profile
B.      Change Request
C.      Home Page
D.      Favourite

13.   Which of the following is not a valid field type (for Incident Table)?
A.      Currency
B.      Long String
C.      Suggestion

14.   Catalog Variables can be arranged  on a catalog item by setting the appropriate value of field ‘Order’
A.      True
B.      False

15.   If prefix of incident needs to be changed, where can one refer?
A.      System Definition->Number Maintenance
B.      Right click on Incident Number->Personalize Dictionary
C.      Both A. & B.
D.      None

16.   The order field in Service Catalog displays the catalog item in the ascending order of this value.
A.      True
B.      False

17.   In which of the following requirements we cannot ‘Scheduled Jobs’?
A.      To update the old records
B.      To check the conditions every day at specific time
C.      For form validation at client side every day
D.      To send an email notification on demand of user wish

18.   What is an SSO?
A.      Sign-On Single
B.      Single Sign-On
C.      Sign Single-On
D.      None of the Above

19.   What is one thing in workflow peculiar for catalog?
Ans: You can define visibility of variables on task form through workflow when it is created

20.   Incident, Problem tables inherit which table
A.      Task Table
B.      Incident Table
C.      User Table
D.      Problem Table

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