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ServiceNow System Administration Part 1


ServiceNow System Administration Part 1

If prefix of Incident needs to be changed, which table should I refer?
Ans: Number Maintenance table [sys_number].
2.       What is the recommendation from service now for update set:
Ans:Do not use Default update set
3.       Difference between personalization and customization
Ans: Personalization is for one person, customization is for all users.
4.       What steps will u take to load data from spreadsheet?
Ans - load data, create transform map, transform
5.       Which of the following gets automatically captured in an update set:-
Ans: Tables, forms, views (other options has data, modified cis, schedules – these are incorrect)
6.       Contents of a instance
Ans: Application Navigator, Content Pane, Banner
7.       What does Order guide refer to in Service Catalog?
Ans: Bundled Request (An order guide gives customers an easy way to order multiple related items as a single request)
8.       If workflow is not published, only checked out will it be captured in update sets? 
Ans: No, only published workflows are captured in update sets.
9.       If prefix of Incident needs to be changed, which table should I refer?
Ans: Number Maintenance table [sys_number].
10.   Where do you edit field values in a list without opening a form?
Ans: List editor
11.   Coalesce in import set?
Ans: Reduce chances of Data Redundancy during import
12.   Pause condition in SLA attched to instance
Ans: Any condition that is defined as a Pause condition
13.   What is an SLA
Ans: Definition
14.   Which is parent table for INC, CHG, PRB?
Ans: task
15.   List is a type of report
Ans: True
16.   If the same object is updated in both sets (for example, both update sets modify the Incident form), which is true?
Ans: only the most recent change is moved to the merged update set.
17.   What is a Column and row in a table?
 Ans: Column is a field and row is a record.
18.   What is a formatter?
Ans :Definition
19.   What is a bookmark?
Ans: Definition
20.   What is true about Service catalog variables?
Ans: They are global.
21.   Difference between Business Rules and Client Scripts?
Ans: Definition(the options will almost look the same, but there will be one word difference which will make a BIG difference)
22.   Difference between UI Policy ad Client script?
Ans: Defintions
23.   What does a filter condition contains?
Ans: a field,an oprerator and a value
24.   How ServiceNow system is configured to send an email notification after system Upgrade?
Ans: system.upgrade to be Defined in Notification Module
25.   Which module is used to see column structure in a table?
Ans: (Tables & Columns)
26.   What are the validations set up to allow a user to login to instance
27.   How ACL is evaluvated?
Ans: Given a row level rule on incident, and a field level rule on incident.number, access to the number field would be allowed only if both rules evaluated to true. Both rules must be met before an operation is allowed.
28.   What is SaaS?
Ans: Software as a Service
29.   Which is true about Update Set?
And: Same Transform Map can be used multiple times in Same Import set
30.   User can transform data to which tables
Ans: All servicenow tables
31.   In terms of the Update sets, Customization refers?
Ans: Customizations to the tables
32.   What is the related list?
Ans: All related table records related to current record.
33.   2 core cmdb tables in SNOW?
Ans: cmdb_ci and cmdb_rel_ci
34.   Which of the following is true regarding roles?
Ans:  Roles can contain other roles. When user is assigned to a role, he will inherit the contained roles as well.
35.    Which among the following is true regarding ACLs?
Ans: If there are row and field ACLs, user has to satisfy both to have access to the field.
36.   Which among the following can a UI policy accomplish?
Ans: Making a field read-only
37.   Global Search option can be found in which part of UI?
Ans : On Banner
38.   What is not a customization/
a. New records (data)
b. New users and groups
c. Modified cis
d. Schedules
39.   A user interface policy is used to set fields on a form to:
     -visible or hidden , editable or read only,  optional or mandatory
40.   What is Base Table Class?
The first Table that other Tables extend or specialize from but does not have a Parent relationship.

41.   what are the six ways to populate the CMDB?
1. Discovery, an automated service now product.
2. Import sets.
3. Integrate with external CMDB's.
4. Web services.
5. Help the helpdesk from with in in ServiceNow.
6. Manual input
42.  Before importing any data usage you should
     Ans:- Remove obsolete data

43.  what is an Event?
Ans:  An event is an indication to the service now process that something notable has occurred.

44. What is Dot-Walking? Ans: Dot-Walking can get information from a series of reference fields from different tables:

45. To access the control list you have to have which access?
Ans: Security_Admin

46. My manager is going to be out of town and needs to have the supervisor approve while he/she is out of town, what would he/she utilize in ServiceNow?
Ans: Delegate

47.  What is the purpose of a service catalog workflow?
Ans:  to create workflows to drive request fulfillment. Workflows can generate and assign approvals, generate and assign tasks, or run scripts  and sub flows .

48. What is an update set?
Ans:  An update set is a group of customizations that can be moved from one instance to another

 49. In a Knowledge base, articles are grouped according to categories.
Ans : True
50. What can be done in branding?

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