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ServiceNow System Administration Part 1

NO.1 Which would NOT appear in the History section of the Application Navigator?
A.  Records
B.  UI Pages
C.  Lists
D.  Forms
Answer: B
NO.2 What module in the Service Catalog application does an Administrator access to begin creating a new item?
A.  Maintain Categories
B.  Maintain Items
C.  Content Items
D.  Items
Answer: B
NO.3 Which term refers to application menus and modules which you may want to access quickly and often?
A.  Breadcrumb
B.  Favorite
C.  Tag
D.  Bookmark
Answer: B
NO.4 Which term best describes something that is created, has worked performed upon it, and is eventually moved to a state of closed?
A.  report
B.  workflow
C.  event
D.  task
Answer: D
NO.5 Which of the following are a type of client scripts supported in ServiceNow? (Choose four.)
A.  onSubmit
B.  onUpdate
C.  onCellEdit
D.  onLoad
E.  onEdit
F.  onChange
G.  onSave
Answer: A C D F
NO.6 What is a formatter? Select one of the following.
A.  A formatter allows you to configure applications on your instance

B.  A formatter is a form element used to display information that is not a field in the record
C.  A formatter allows you to populate fields automatically
D.  A formatter is a set of conditions applied to a table to help find and work with data
Answer: B
NO.7 Which one of the following statements describes the contents of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)?
A.  The CMDB contains data about tangible and intangible business assets
B.  The CMDB contains the Business Rules that direct the intangible, configurable assets used by company
C.  The CMDB archives all Service Management PaaS equipment metadata and usage statistics
D.  The CMDB contains ITIL process data pertaining to configuration items
Answer: A
NO.8 Which one of the following statements describes the purpose of a Service Catalog workflow?
A.  A Service Catalog workflow generates three basic components: item variable types, tasks, and approvals
B.  Although a Service Catalog workflow cannot send notifications, the workflow drives complex fulfillment processes
C.  A Service Catalog workflow is used to drive complex fulfillment processes and sends notifications to defined users or groups
D.  A Service Catalog workflow generates three basic components: item variable types, tasks, and notifications
Answer: C
NO.9 Which of the following statement describes the purpose of an Order Guide?
A.  Order Guides restrict the number of items in an order to only one item per request
B.  Order Guide provide a list of guidelines for Administrators on how to set up item variables
C.  Order Guide provide the ability to order multiple, related items as one request
D.  Order Guides take the user directly to the checkout without prompting for information
Answer: C
NO.10 Which type of interface enables you to display multiple performance analytics, reporting and other widgets on a single screen?
A.  Form
B.  List
C.  Dashboard
D.  Timeline
Answer: C
NO.11 What is a Dictionary Override?
A.  A Dictionary Override is an incoming customer update in an Update Set which applies to the same objects as a newer local customer update

B.  A Dictionary Override is the addition, modification, or removal of anything that could have an effect on IT services
C.  A Dictionary Override is a task within a workflow that requests an action before the workflow can continue
D.  A Dictionary Override sets field properties in extended tables
Answer: D
NO.12 Record numbers have to be manually incremented
A.  True
B.  False
Answer: B
NO.13 Service Now is a single-instance, multiple tenant architecture?
A.  True
B.  False
Answer: B
NO.14 Which of the following concepts are associated with the ServiceNow CMDB? (Choose four.)
A.  Service Processes
B.  User Permissions
C.  Tables and Fields
D.  A Database
E.  The Dependency View
Answer: A C D E
NO.15 UI Policy can make fields read-only, mandatory, or hidden.
A.  True
B.  False
Answer: A
NO.16 What are the two aspects to LDAP Integration?
A.  Data Population
B.  Data formatting
C.  Authorization
D.  Authentication
Answer: A D
NO.17 Buttons, form links, and context menu items are all examples of what type of functionality?
A.  Business Rule
B.  UI Action
C.  Client Script
D.  UI Policy
Answer: B

NO.18 Which one of the following statements is a recommendation from ServiceNow about Update Sets?
A.   Avoid using the Default Update set as an Update Set for moving customizations from instance to instance
B.  Before moving customizations from instance to instance with Update Sets, ensure that both instances are different versions
C.  Use the Baseline Update Set to store the contents of items after they are changed the first time
D.  Once an Update Set is closed as "Complete", change it back to "In Progress" until it is applied to another instance
Answer: A
NO.19 What are the four knowledge workflows available in the ServiceNow base instance?
A.  Approval publish: Request approval from a manager of the knowledge base before moving the article it the publish state
B.  Instant Publish: Immediately publishes a draft article without requiring an approval
C.  Instant Retire: Immediately retires a published article without requiring an approval
D.  Retire Knowledge: Moves a knowledge article to the retired state.
Answer: A
NO.20 Which three Variable Types can be added to a Service Catalog Item?
A.  True/False, Multiple Choice, and Ordered
B.  True/False, Checkbox, and Number List
C.  Number List, Single Line Text, and Reference
D.  Multiple Choice, Select Box, and Checkbox
Answer: D
NO.21 How is the Event Log different from the Event Registry?
A.  Event Log contains generated Events, the Event Registry is a table of Event definitions
B.  Event Log is formatted in the Log style, the Event Registry displays different fields
C.  Event Log lists Events that were triggered by integrations, the Event Registry lists the Events that were triggered during the day (24-hour period)
D.  Event Log is the same as the Event Registry
Answer: A
NO.22 What are the three components of a filter condition?
A.  Table
B.  Value
C.  Field
D.  Operator
Answer: B C D
NO.23 There are              common types of Interfaces (Numeric  Value)

6: There are six common types of interfaces
A.  Homepage: Consists of navigational elements, functional controls, and platform information.
B.  List: Display records from a data table, as well as allow you to edit the record information using the List Editor functionally.
C.  Form: Data is entered into ServiceNow through forms
D.  Dashboard: Enable you to display multiple performance analytics, reporting and other widgets on a single screen.
E.  Maps: Display ServiceNow data graphically on a Google map
F.  Timelines: Used to track tasks or projects
Answer: C
NO.24 What is the purpose of a Related List?
A.  To create a one-to-many relationship
B.  To dot-walk to a core table
C.  To present related fields
D.  To present related records
Answer: D
NO.25 For Administrators creating new Service Catalog items, what is a characteristic they should know about Service Catalog variables?
A.  Service Catalog variables can only be used in Record Producers
B.  Service Catalog variables can only be used in Order Guides
C.  Service Catalog variables cannot affect the order price
D.  Service Catalog variables are global by default
Answer: D
NO.26 Which are valid Service Now User Authentication Methods? (Choose three.)
A.  XML feed
B.  Local database
E.  FTP authentication
Answer: B C D
NO.27 Which tool is used to have conversations with logged-in users in real-time?
A.  Connect Chat
B.  Now Messenger
C.  User Presence
D.  Comments
Answer: A
NO.28 Which of the following allows a user to edit field values in a list without opening the form?
A.  Data Editor

B.  Edit Menu
C.  List Editor
D.  Form Designer
Answer: C
NO.29 In what order should filter elements be specified?
A.  Field, Operator, then Value
B.  Field, Operator, then Condition
C.  Operator, Condition, then Value
D.  Value, Operator, then Field
Answer: A
NO.30 What is a Record Producer?
A.  A Record Producer is a type of Catalog Item that is used for Requests, not Services
B.  A Record Producer creates user records
C.  A Record Producer is a type of Catalog Item that provides easy ordering by bundling requests
D.  A Record Producer is a type of a Catalog Item that allows users to create task-based records from the Service Catalog

Answer: D

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