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ServiceNow System Administration Part 2

NO.31 Which one of the following statements is true about Column Context Menus?
A.  It displays actions such as creating quick reports, configuring the list, and exporting data
B.  It displays actions related to filtering options, assigning tags, and search
C.  It displays actions related to viewing and filtering the entire list
D.  It displays actions such as view form, view related task, and add relationship
Answer: A
NO.32 Which of the following is true of Service Catalog Items in relation to the Service Catalog?
A.  They run behind the scenes.
B.  They are the building blocks.
C.  They are optional.
D.  They provide options.
Answer: B
NO.33 What are the main UI component(s) of the ServiceNow Platform?
A.  Banner Navigator
B.  Banner Frame
C.  Application Frame
D.  Application Navigator
E.  Content Menu
F.  Content Frame
Answer: B D F

NO.34 The baseline Service Catalog homepage contains links to which of the following components?
A.  Record Producers, Order Guides, and Catalog Items
B.  Order Guides, Item Variables, and Workflows
C.  Order Guides, Catalog Items, and Workflows
D.  Record Producers, Order Guides, and Item Variables
Answer: A
NO.35 Access Control rules may be defined with which of the following permission requirements? (Choose three.)
A.  Roles
B.  Conditional Expressions
C.  Assignment Rules
D.  Scripts
E.  User Criteria
F.  Groups
Answer: A B D
NO.36 Which are states that you can make a field on a form using UI Policy?
A.  read-only
B.  write-only
C.  Necessary
D.  Mandatory
E.  Empty
F.  Hidden
Answer: A D F
NO.37 Which of the following can be customized through the Basic Configuration UI 16 module? (Choose three.)
A.  Banner Image
B.  Record Number Format
C.  Browser Tab Title
D.  System Date Format
E.  Form Header Size
Answer: A C D
NO.38 database live at the Data Center.
A.  True
B.  False
Answer: A
NO.39                                is a computer program running as a service; a physical computer dedicated to running one or more services, or a system running a database.
Answer: Server

NO.40 Which one of the following statements applies to a set of fields when they are coalesced during an import?
A.  If a match is found using the coalesce fields, the existing record is updated with the information being imported
B.  If a match is not found using the coalesce fields, the system does not create a Transform Map
C.  If a match is found using the coalesce fields, the system creates a new record
D.  If a match is not found using the coalesce fields, the existing record is updated with the information being imported
Answer: A
NO.41 What information does the System Dictionary contain?
A.  The human-readable labels and language settings
B.  The definition for each table and column
C.  The information on how tables relate to each other
D.  The language dictionary used for spell checking
Answer: B
NO.42 What is the Import Set Table?
A.  A table where data will be placed, post-transformation
B.  A table that determines relationships
C.  A staging area for imported records
D.  A repository for Update Set information
Answer: C
NO.43 What is the name of the conversational bot platform that provides assistance to help users obtain information, make decisions, and perform common tasks?
A.  Answer Agent
B.  live Feed
C.  Virtual Agent
D.  Connect Chat
Answer: C
NO.44 Reports can be created from which different places in the platform? (Choose two.)
A.  List column heading
B.  Metrics module
C.  Statistics module
D.  View / Run module
Answer: A D
NO.45 Which one of the following statements best describes the purpose of an Update Set?
A.  An Update Set allows administrators to group a series of changes into a named set and then move this set as a unit to other systems

B.  By default, an Update Set includes customizations, Business Rules, and homepages
C.  An Update Set is a group of customizations that is moved from Production to Development
D.  By default, the changes included in an Update Set are visible only in the instance to which they are applied
Answer: A
NO.46 When using the Load Data and Transform Map process, what is the Mapping Assist used for?
A.  Mapping fields using the Import Log
B.  Mapping fields using Transform History
C.  Mapping fields using an SLA
D.  Mapping fields using a Field Map
Answer: D
NO.47 The display sequence is controlled in a Service Catalog Item using which of the following?
A.  The Default Value field in the Catalog Item form
B.  The Sequence field in the Catalog Item form
C.  The Order field in the Variable form
D.  The Choice field in the Variable form
Answer: C
NO.48 A group is stored in which table?
A.  Group[user group]
B.  Group[sys_user]
C.  Group[sys_user_group]
D.  Group[sys_user_group_profile]
Answer: C
NO.49 When working on a form, what is the difference between Insert and Update operations?
A.  Insert creates a new record and Update saves changes, both remain on the form
B.  Insert creates a new record and Update saves changes, both exit the form
C.  Insert saves changes and exits the form, Update saves changes and remains on the form
D.  Insert saves changes and remains on the form, Update saves changes and exits the form
Answer: D
NO.50 What is the purpose of flagging an article in a knowledge base?
A.  To mark an article to read later.
B.  Allow a user to submit feedback about an article
C.  Reporting an error
Answer: B
NO.51 What is the master table that contains a record for each table in the database?
A.  [sys_master_db]
B.  [sys_db_object]

C.  [sys_master_object]
D.  [sys_object_db]
Answer: B
NO.52 Which technique is used to get information from a series of referenced fields from different tables?
A.  Table-Walking
B.  Sys_ID Pulling
C.  Dot-Walking
D.  Record-Hopping
Answer: C
NO.53 Which one of these applications is available to all users?
A.  Change
B.  Incident
C.  Facilities
D.  Self-Service
Answer: D
NO.54 Tables are made up of which of the following?
A.  records
B.  lists
C.  forms.
D.  fields
Answer: A D
NO.55 A knowledge article must be which of the following states to display to a user?
A.  Published
B.  Drafted
C.  Retired
D.  Reviewed
Answer: A
NO.56 What are the 6 methods available for user authentication?
A.  Local Database: The user name and password in their user record in the instance database.
B.  Multifactor: The user name and password in the database and passcode sent to the user's mobile device that has Google Authenticator installed
C.  LDAP: The user name and password are accessed via LDAP in the corporate directory, which has matching user account in the database.
D.  SAML 2.0: The user name and password configured in a SAML identity provider account, which has a matching user account in the database.
E.  OAuth 2.0: The user name and password of OAuth identity provider, which has a matching user account in the database.

F.  Digest Token: An encrypted digest of the user name and password in the user record.
Answer: A B C D E F
NO.57 Knowledge articles within a knowledge base are grouped by category.
A.  True
B.  False
Answer: A
NO.58 A REQ number in the Service Catalog represents...
A.  the order number.
B.  the stage.
C.  the task to complete.
D.  the individual item in the order.
Answer: A
NO.59 As it relates to ServiceNow reporting, which of the following statements describes what a metric can do?
A.  A metric is a report gauge used on homepages to display real-time data
B.  A metric is a time measurement used to report the effectiveness of workflows and SLAs
C.  A metric is used to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of IT service management processes
D.  A metric is a comparative measurement used to report the effectiveness of workflows and SLAs.
Answer: C
NO.60 Knowledge Base Search results can be sorted by which of the following? (Choose three.)
A.  Most recent update
B.  Popularity
C.  Relevancy
D.  Manager assignment
E.  Number of views

Answer: A C E

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