Saturday, May 15, 2021

ServiceNow System Administration Part 2


ServiceNow System Administration Part 2


1.       What is not related to Workflow?
a.       Transitions
b.       Versions
c.       Activities
d.      Categories
2.       What is not part of Workflow Editor User Interface
a.       Canvas
b.       Palette
c.       Activity Tab
d.       Title bar
3.       SLAs will run only on task extended tables?
a.       True
4.       Knowledge Articles can be sorted by the following:
a.       Relevancy
b.      Most recent update
c.       Number of views
5.       Which one of the following are associated with the CMDB?
a.       Database
b.       Table and fields
c.       Dependency views
d.      Service Processes
e.       User Permissions (please check the correct answer)
6.       Views is only for lists to personalize list layout and columns
a.       False
7.       Question on Application scope
8.       What can be used to automatically populate fields in a form
a.       Assignment Rules
b.       Formatters
c.       Reference Qualifiers
d.      Template
9.       What triggers a Assignment rule?
a.       Task record should remain unassigned
10.   Qt on SLA definition
11.   Difference between Client Script and Business Rules
12.   What triggers and event?
a.       Business Rules
b.      Workflow
13.   In Service Catalog, ________
a.       a.Items are the building blocks of Service Catalog
b.       b.Items are optional
14.   14. what does filter condition comprise of?
a.       Field, operator, value ( 2 qts on similar lines)
15.   For a field, user friendly name is ____ and system name is _____
a.       Label/Name

16.   UAT, Development, Review, QA and Test are user perspective of ServiceNow production instance
a.       False (please check the ans)
17.   What is the purpose of ServiceCatalog workflows?
a.       Automate mutli-step activities ( 2qts on similar lines)
18.   What is defined in system dictionary?
a.       Tables and Column definition
19.   What does CMDB comprise of?
a.       Tangible and Intangible assets…

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