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ServiceNow System Administration Part 3

NO.61 Which of the following statements is true when a new table is created by extending another table?
A.  The new table archives the parent table and assumed its roles in the database
B.  The new table inherits all of the Business Rules, Client Scripts, and UI Policies of the parent table, but none of the existing fields
C.  The new table inherits all of the fields of the parent table and can also contain new fields unique to itself
D.  The new table inherits all of the fields, but does not inherit Access Control rules, Client Scripts, and UI Policies of the parent table
Answer: C
NO.62 What is the path an Administrator could take to view the fulfillment stage task list for an

order placed by a user?
A.  RITM (Number)>REQ (Number)>PROCUREMENT (Number)
B.  REQ (Number)>RITM (Number)>PROCUREMENT (Number)
C.  REQ (Number)>RITM (Number)>TASK (Number)
D.  FULFILLMENT (Number)>RITM (Number)>TASK (Number)
Answer: C
NO.63 What refers to an application or system that accesses a remote service or another computer system, known as a server?
A.  Server
B.  Client
C.  Script
D.  Policies
Answer: B
NO.64 Which one statement correctly describes Access Control rule evaluation?
A.  Rules are evaluated using roles. The role with the most permissions evaluates the rules first
B.  If more than one rule applies to a row, the older rule is evaluated first
C.  If a row level rule and a field level rule exist, both rules must be true before an operation is allowed
D.  Rules are evaluated from the general to the specific, so a table rule must be active to continue
Answer: C
NO.65 When searching using the App Navigator search field, what can be returned? (Choose four.)
A.  Names of Applications and Modules
B.  Names of Modules
C.  Names of Applications
D.  Favorites
E.  History Records
F.  Titles of Dashboard Gauges
Answer: A B C D
NO.66 How are Workflows moved between instances?
A.  Workflows are moved using Update Sets
B.  Workflows are moved using Transform Maps
C.  Workflows are moved using Application Sets
D.  Workflows cannot be moved between instances
Answer: A
NO.67 A Service Catalog may include which of the following components?
A.  Order Guides, Exchange Rates, Calendars
B.  Order Guides, Catalog Items, and Interceptors
C.  Catalog Items, Asset Contracts, Task Surveys

D.  Record Producers, Order Guides, and Catalog Items
Answer: D
NO.68 Which application is used to change the number format per table?
A.  Number Maintenance
B.  System Maintenance
C.  Table Maintenance
D.  Record Maintenance
Answer: A
NO.69 What is a way that you can mark a knowledge article for review?
A.  Flag article
B.  Review
C.  Bookmark
D.  On Hold
Answer: A
NO.70 What are the 5 provided Roles by ServiceNow?
A.  System Administrator: The admin role provides access to all platform features, applications, functions and data.
B.  Specialized Administrator: Specialized administrator roles manage specific functions or applications, such as Assignment Rules, Knowledge base, reports, or web services
C.  Fulfiller: Users with the ITIL role may fulfill ITIL activities associated with the ITIL workflow, including Incident and Change management.
D.  Approver: Users with the Approver user role can perform all requester actions and may view or modify approval records directed to the approver
E.  Requester: Also known as Employee Self Service (ESS) users, these users have no roles but can submit and manage their own requests, access public pages, etc.
Answer: A B C D E
NO.71 UI Action can prompt that an Incident has been successfully submitted.
A.  True
B.  False
Answer: A
NO.72 What defines conditions that are evaluated against users to determine which users can create, read, write, and retire knowledge articles.
A.  User conditions
B.  User info
C.  User Criteria
D.  User permissions
Answer: C

NO.73 What is a schema map?
A.  A schema map enables administrators to define records from specific tables as trouble sources for Configuration Items
B.  A schema map graphically organizes the visual task boards for the CMDB
C.  A schema map graphically displays the Configuration Items that support a business service
D.  A schema map displays the details of tables and their relationships in a visual manner, allowing administrators to view and easily access different parts of the database schema
Answer: D
NO.74 What is the function of user impersonation?
A.  Testing and visibility
B.  Activate verbose logging
C.  View custom perspectives
D.  Unlock Application master list
Answer: A
NO.75 What is the platform name for the User table?
A.  u_users
B.  sys_users
C.  x_users
D.  sys_user
Answer: D
NO.76 A User is stored in which table?
A.  User [sys_user]
B.  User [ sys_user_group]
C.  User [ syst_user_profile]
D.  User [user_profile]
Answer: A
NO.77 What is the difference between UI Policy and UI Action?
A.  UI Action can make fields read-only, mandatory, or hidden. while UI Policy can make a save button visible for appropriate users.
B.  UI Policy can make fields read-only, mandatory, or hidden. while UI Action can make a save button visible for appropriate users.
Answer: B
NO.78 Where can Admins check which release is running on an ServiceNow instance?
A.  Memory Stats module
B.  Stats module
C.  System.upgraded table
D.  Transactions log
Answer: B

NO.79 Which group of permissions is used to control Application and Module access?
A.  Access Control Rules
B.  UI Policies
C.  Roles
D.  Assignment Rules
Answer: C
NO.80 What is generated from the Service Catalog once a user places an order for an item or service?
A.  A change request
B.  An Order Guide
C.  A request
D.  An SLA
Answer: C
NO.81 Which type of tables may be extended by other tables, but do not extend another table?
A.  Base Tables
B.  Core Tables
C.  Extended Tables
D.  Custom Tables
Answer: A
NO.82 Service Now uses what term to describe all the data saved within a particular form?
A.  Fields
B.  Form
C.  Record
D.  Lists
Answer: C
NO.83 Where would you go in ServiceNow to order services and products offered by various departments?
A.  Service Catalog
B.  Self Service
C.  Service Department
D.  Customer Service
Answer: A
NO.84 Table Access Control rules are processed in the following order:
A.  any table name (wildcard), parent table name, table name
B.  table name, parent table name, any table name (wildcard)
C.  parent table name, table name, any table name (wildcard)
D.  any table name (wildcard), table name, parent table name

Answer: B
NO.85 Configuration will not affect what others see on their forms.
A.  True
B.  False
Answer: B
NO.86 Data Policy can enforce mandatory data on import.
A.  True
B.  False
Answer: A
NO.87 What displays a set of records from a table?
A.  View
B.  Dashboard
C.  Panel
D.  List
Answer: D
NO.88 A role is recorded in which table?
A.  Role[sys_user]
B.  Role[sys_user_profile]
C.  Role[sys_user_record]
D.  Role[sys_user_role]
Answer: D
NO.89 Which of the following is used to initiate a flow?
A.  A Trigger
B.  Core Action
C.  A spoke
D.  An Event
Answer: A
NO.90 What are the two pathways to view feedback left on a published article?
A.  Knowledge > articles > My Flagged
B.  Knowledge base > my knowledge > flagged articles
C.  Knowledge > My articles > Flagged
D.  Knowledge > articles > published
Answer: A D
NO.91 Create Incident, Password Reset, and Report outage: what do these services in the Service Catalog have in common?
A.  They direct the user to a record producer

B.  They direct the user to a catalog property
C.  They direct the user to a catalog UI policy
D.  They direct the user to a catalog client script
Answer: A
NO.92 From the User menu, which actions can a user select? (Choose three.)
A.  Send Notifications
B.  Log Out ServiceNow
C.  Elevate Roles
D.  Impersonate Users
E.  Order from Service Catalog
F.  Approve Records
Answer: B C D
NO.93 Business Rules are used to enforce mandatory data on a form.
A.  True
B.  False
Answer: B
NO.94 What is a characteristic of importing data into ServiceNow?
A.  An existing Transform Map can be used one time on the same import set
B.  Coalesce fields are used only after running Transform
C.  Any user can manage and set up import sets
D.  An existing Transform Map can be used multiple times on the same import set
Answer: D
NO.95 Each knowledge bases can have unique lifecycle workflows, user criteria, category structures, and management assignments.
A.  True
B.  False
Answer: A
NO.96 Which statement is true about business rules?
A.  A business rule must run before a database action occurs
B.  A business rule can be a piece of Javascript
C.  A business rule must not run before a database action occurs
D.  A business rule monitors fields on a form

Answer: B

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