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ServiceNow System Administration Part 4

1.       What section on a task record would you use to see the most recent update made to a record?
i)        Journal
ii)       Timeline
iii)     update log
iv)     audit log
v)       diary
vi)     activity
2.       What are examples of UI actions, relating to lists? choose four answers?
a)       List buttons
b)      list context menu
c)       list choices
d)      list links
e)      list control
f)        lists overwrite
3.       which feature allows you to automate business logic for a particular application or process such as approvals, task, notifications, and record Operations?
a)       Flows
b)      Action sequence
c)       Flow diagrams
d)      action sets
e)      task flows
4.       when a Flow runs an action, it generates a runtime value, which stays the same for the duration of the flow. what is the name of that runtime value?
a)       data pill runtime value
b)      sequence runtime value
c)       starting runtime value
d)      trigger runtime value
e)      input runtime value
5.       the employee on-boarding team has asked for a way for managers to order computers, monitors, business cards, and cell phones for new employees. how would you proceed to meet this requirement?
a)       create order guide
b)      create requested item
c)       create record producer
d)      create on boarding bot
6.       which resource would you use to determine if a specific user could contribute to a particular knowledge base?
a)       User criteria diagnostics
b)      Sn_kb_author role
c)       User criteria job log
d)      knowledge author group
e)      KB author group
7.       If a knowledge base has no access details specified. what users are able to read articles in that knowledge base?
a)       no users
b)      itil users
c)       users with kb_user roleproduct
d)      any user with an articles for permalink
e)      any active user
8.       while showing a customer their incident form, they ask to change the priority field title to display their internal terminology Pvalue. how would you do that? choose two answers?
a)       right click on priority and select configure dictionary
b)      right click on priority and select configure label
c)       right click on priority and select configure display settings
d)      right click on priority and select configure column
9.       what access does a user need to be able to import articles to a knowledge base?
a)       Sn_Knowledge_import
b)      Sn_knowledge_contribute
c)       can contribute
d)      sn_knowledge_write
e)      can write
f)        can import
10.   what controls the publishing and retiring process for knowledge articles?
a)       workflow designer
b)      workflows
c)       state life cycle
d)      approval policies
e)      approval definitions
11.   what is an advantage of defining relationship types between ci classes?
a)       Improves data quality, as the CIs will automatically be related when CMDB is activated.
b)      it prevents users from relating CIs incorrectly.
c)       it automates the loading of the ci dependency view.
d)      makes relating CIs easier, because predefined relationship suggests which type of CIs should be
12.   when using the CI dependency view, how would you view the relationship between one CI and another CI?
a)       right click, view relationship
b)      Click on the plus to expand cluster
c)       click down arrow, view relationship
d)      Hover on connection line
13.   Of the Ci tables, which is a base table of the CMDB hierarchy?
a)       ECMDB
b)      Cmdb_rel_ci
c)       Cmdb_ci
d)      cmdb
e)      Ecmdb_rel_ci
f)        Ecmdb_ci
14.   what table acts as a staging area for records imported from a data source?
a)       staging table
b)      temp table
c)       transform table
d)      import set row table
15.   which field (or fields) is used as a unique key during imports?
a)       Sys IDs
b)      match fields
c)       coalesce fields
d)      key fields
16.   what module enables an administrator to define destinations for imported data on any ServiceNow table?
a)       field transform
b)      schema map
c)       import map
d)      transform map
17.   the customer wants all users to have access to the records in the offerings table. what setting on access control definition would you use to grant access to all of the offering table records?
a)       Offering. None
b)      None. Offering
c)       Offering. Name
d)      Offering
18.   a manager wants to review a snapshot of month end sales performance data, as compared to sales target. in addition, the manager wants to able to see those monthly numbers trended overtime and forecasted into the future. what capability do you suggest for this manager?
a)       schedule reports, accustoms snapshot table and projection report
b)      scheduled reports, a custom snapshot table and a trend report.
c)       performance analytics.
d)      scheduled reports and excel
e)      key performance indicators.
19.   which component of a table contains a piece of data for one record?
a)       Field
b)      Factor
c)       data point
d)      item
e)      element
20.   what do you click when you have made modifications to your report, and you want to see the results without saving?
a)       Run
b)      Execute
c)       Test
d)      Preview
e)      try it
21.   The report designer contains different sections for configuring your report. which section is used to specify grouping and calculations to be run against the data?
a)       Data
b)      Format
c)       Configure
d)      Style
e)       group by
22.   what section on the notes tab shows the history of the work documented on the record?
a)       Journal
b)      Activity
c)       Timeline
d)      audit log
e)      diary
23.   Your customer wants to update a notification, so it is sent to the caller and also to the manager of the caller. how would you approach this requirement?
a)       Set who will receive to subscribable
b)      on the send to tab, add caller field, dot walk to caller’s manager to add manager.
c)       Create workflow and include a notification in the workflow
d)      on who will receive tab, select copy manager checkbox.
e)      on who will receive tab, add caller field, dot walk to caller’s Manager to add managers.
24.   An IT User calls the service desk Because they need to work on task records. all they can see his self-service on their homepage when they log into the service now instance. what issue could explain this? choose two answers?
a)       their user record was not approved by their managers
b)      that user account does not belong to any group which contains the ITIL role.
c)       their user account is not logged in property
d)      their user account does not have itil role
e)      That user account failed LDAP authentication
25.   What type of rules specify which user groups are responsible to work on different types of tasks?
a)       On call
b)      Assignment
c)       Routing
d)      Calendar
e)      Escalation
26.   using the module. system properties> my company. what branding options are available?
a)       banner image, banner text, colour scheme
b)      company name, company logo
c)       banner image, banner text
d)      company name, company logo, colour scheme
27.   From form designer, how would you define a section, so it displays as a tab?
a)       Click the gear and check the tab option
b)      Click context menu > configure tabs
c)       add .tab to the end of the section name
d)      add _tap to the end of the section name
e)      name the section
28.   When looking at a long list of records, you want to quickly filter, to show only those which have category of cross. How might you do that?
a)       on breadcrumbs, click > icon, type hardware and click enter
b)      right click on the magnifier, type hardware and click enter
c)       click funnel icon, type hardware and click enter.
d)      on the list, locate and right click on the value Hardware, select show matching
e)      on the category column header, right click and select show > hardware.
29.   groups are defined at what?
a)       An escalation pod
b)      a collection of subject matter experts
c)       a department
d)      A team of users
e)      A correction of users
30.   what is the best way to learn about performance analytics?
a)       use the ServiceNow wiki
b)      schedule a demo with ServiceNow sales team
c)       take a service now performance analytics course on now learning
d)      activate the plugin on your production environment and start the default data collectors.
31.   A subject matter expert routinely receives task which have been worked by first and level support before receiving the assignment. what could you suggest, to make it easier for the expert to read only the work notes in the activity log?
a)       click contexts menu > work notes view
b)      click funnel icon and select only work notes
c)       click Context menu > history
d)      click personalise icon and select activity stream
e)      right click form header > form layout > add work note section
32.   for a customer’s inventory application, several inventory applications fields on a needed-on inventory ticket. this ticket will be assigned to inventory support team members. how would you start to implement this requirement?
a)       create inventory table as a new base table. then add inventory specification fields as needed.
b)      create inventory table with the inventory specification fields. in create view between the inventory and task table.
c)       create the inventory table with the inventory specification fields. then create many to many relationships between the inventory and the task table.
d)      create inventory table as an extended table from the task table. then add the inventory specification fields, as needed.
33.   when using the report designer, it is best practice to make copy of an existing report then make modification to your copy of that report. when viewing the report inside the designer, how would you make a copy of the report?
a)       click on the paper icon and select create new.
b)      click on the down triangle and select insert and stay
c)       click on the properties tab and select save as
d)      click on context menu and select insert and stay
e)      click on the funnel icon and create copy
34.   your customer has a human resource knowledge base, which is only accessible to members of the human resource department. A new procedure regarding employee quarterly reviews needs to be published to the knowledge base but should be only visible to HR manager. how would you meet this requirement?
a)       on the knowledge base, add user criteria with the manager can read script to the can read list, publish article to any category.
b)      on the knowledge article, add an access control for HR manager group on the can read list, then publish article to any category
c)       on the knowledge base, create an HR manager category, add user criteria for HR manager group on the categories can read list, then publish the article to that category.
d)      on the knowledge article, add user criteria for HR manager group on the can read list, then publish article to any category
35.   while testing a catalog item for ordering an expensive computer, the mandatory approval is being skipped for requester Bob Smith, but not for any of the other requests. what could explain the issue?
a)       the manager does not have a delegate assigned
b)      there is a business rule, excluding bob Smith with from any approvals
c)       the Bob Smith user account, does not have a manager specified
d)      Bob Smith is a VIP
e)      Bob Smith does not have a delegate set up on his account
36.   what module do you use to access the report that are available to you?
a)       self-service> my reports
b)      reports> overview
c)       report's> home page
d)      report's> view/run
e)      self-service> my dashboards
37.   Why is it recommended that you Limit update sets to maximum of 100 records? Choose 2 answers?
a)       Comply with ISO audit requirements
b)      smaller update sets can be imported to production during business hours
c)       reduce potential conflicts
d)      improve ability to troubleshoot issues with the default update set
e)      make it easier to identify and review changes
f)        keeps update set logs shorter
g)       Make it easier for developers to organise their work
38.   which flow components allow you to specify when a flow should be run?
a)       Trigger and condition
b)      trigger and condition pill
c)       condition and table
d)      scope and trigger condition
e)      trigger criteria and clock
39.   a customer has asked for the following updates to a form: make resolution code mandatory, when state is changed to resolved, hide major incident checkbox, unless logged in user as major incident manager role.  what type of rules would you use to implement this requirement?
a)       field Lipper
b)      UI policy and actions
c)       UI design
d)      dictionary design
e)      form constraint
40.   what utility enables process owners to other network  enterprise workflows within a single unified process?
a)       Flow editor
b)      floor designer
c)       workflow manager
d)      process owner dashboard
e)      process workflow designer

f)        process automation designer

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