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ServiceNow System Administration Part 6


2.       A new service desk employee in Latin America Complaints that the create dates and time are incorrect on their incident list. what would you suggest to fix this issue?

a)       use the system properties to correct the instance time zone

b)      have them correct the time zone on their computer

c)       recommend they use Chrome instead of explorer

d)      Have them use the gear icon to set the employees time zone

e)      have them clear their cache

3.       A department uses SLA data extensively to run reports. they keep asking for help with building reports off of the same set of tables. they seem to be conducted by dot walking. What could you do to make it easier for them to build their reports?

a)       System table flow house their reporting data

b)      write knowledge articles explaining how to do dot walking

c)       create a data source for them and show them how to use it

d)      send a team member to a reporting class knock out any untrained users

e)      show them how to export to excel format

4.       what are examples of core tables in the ServiceNow platform?

a)       Team, party, awards

b)      User, task, incident

c)       Work, caller, timecard

d)      base configuration item, configuration item, base task

5.       What are benefits of assigning work tasks to a group, rather than to an individual? choose five answers?

a)       group members can avoid task which are nearing SLA breach

b)      group members can pick task based on the SLA urgency

c)       Site support members can pick task based on location

d)      groups can assign task to users based on on-call schedules

e)      group can assign task to users based on skills

f)        groups can assign task to user based on availability

g)       group members can pick task, based on highest priority

h)      group members can choose their preferred task from my groups works

6.       what sections on the CI form, can you find information about the other CIs associated with your CI?

a)       related list

b)      related items

c)       affected CI tab

d)      related links

e)      child CI tab

7.       A manager wants to run a report showing how many service requests have been fulfilled for business cards since the beginning of the year. what table would they select for building this report?

a)       Request[sc_req]

b)      requested item[sc_req_item]

c)       task[task]

d)      catalog item[sc_cat_item]

e)      catalog task[sc_task]

f)        service catalog[sc_catalog]

8.       your customer requires that they be able to monitor which users are performing impersonation in their instance. what would you do to meet that requirement?

a)       add the role log write[sn_Log_write] to the impersonator group

b)      activate the glide.sys.log_impersonation script

c)       create user update set for impersonation tracking

d)      on the impersonator role record, right click and select create log

e)      from the user icon, select elevate roles

9.       sections on a form can appear as: one or two columns, tabs. From form designer, how do you define a section, so it displays as a tab?

a)       name the section

b)      add_tab to the end of the section name

c)       add. tab to the end of the section name

d)      click context menu> configure tabs

e)      click the gear and check the tab option

10.   a manager is complaining that they can't get the data then they need on a report, because the data resides in two different tables. this data is used for many different reports in their department. you have checked to see if dot walking will meet the requirement and it is not possible. what else might you try to help this manager?

a)       create a database view

b)      create a report source

c)       create a custom table

d)      export the tables to spreadsheet

e)      create a report template

11.   tables can be characterised in multiple ways. which of this combination is impossible? choose 2 answers?

a)       custom and core

b)      customer and child

c)       base and parent

d)      custom and parent

e)      core and base

f)        child and core

g)       custom and base

h)      parent and child

12.   What are advantages of using flow designer? choose three answers?

a)       supports legacy workflows

b)      less manual scripting

c)       enables complicated scripting

d)      reduces technical debt

e)      supports advanced developers

f)        compliments the integration store

g)       smooth integration with 3rd party systems

13.   what policies are applied to all data entered into the platform via form (UI), import sets or web services?

a)       data submission policies

b)      data quality policies

c)       data integrity policies

d)      data policies

e)      write policies

14.   You have been asked to configure form so an Employee could order a tablet and select the standard accessory options to purchase with it. these Standard options are carrying case, screen cleaner, tablet stand, and screen protector. what approach would you take? choose three answers?

a)       on shopping cart configuration, select options to show the add accessories button

b)      create one catalog item for each: tablet, carrying case, screen cleaner, tablet stand, and screen protector

c)       create catalog item for the tablet and add a variable set to the form for the accessory options

d)      Create a record producer and on the form, add a checkbox variable for each accessory options.

e)      create catalog item for the tablet, and on the form, add a checkbox variable for each accessory option

15.   when moving a homepage or dashboard between instances, what must you remember?

a)       they are automatically added to the updates set

b)      create a separate update set for them

c)       they can be moved using zip files

d)      they cannot be moved via XML

e)      manually add them to the update set

f)        they cannot be moved via updates set

16.   when be set up with many to many relationships. what is a classic example of a scenario where the tables could have many to many relationships?

a)       A task can trigger many workflows and workflow can trigger many tasks

b)      vendors can sell multiple products and products can be sold by multiple vendors

c)       request can contain many items and items can be any item from the catalogs

d)      a configuration item can belong to multiple classes and classes can contain multiple configuration items

17.   Your customer wants to add the company’s email banner to each customer Facing email notification. how would you approach this requirement?

a)       create a company HTTP email wrapper

b)      create a company email template

c)       create a company CSS package for emails

d)      create a company email header and footer

18.   what catalog tool would you use to create a catalog item or record producer?

a)       catalog formatter

b)      catalog flow builder

c)       catalog builder

d)      catalog designer

e)      variable designer

f)        form designer

g)       workflow designer

19.   On a form header, what icon would you Click to access template features?

a)       paper clip

b)      stamp

c)       context menu

d)      more options (….)

20.   Which tab on the knowledge base record, would you use to identify the set of users who are able to read articles in that knowledge base?

a)       can read

b)      access list

c)       accessible to

d)      can access

21.   when adding a related list to a form, you choose the related list from the list collector. what is an example of a related list you might see on the list collector? choose 3 answers?

a)       Outages > Task number

b)      catalog task> parent

c)       HR case> parent

d)      Problem== parent

e)      release phase== parent

22.   in flow designer, where is the data from an action stored so it can be used in subsequent actions in the flow?

a)       Data pill

b)      data trigger

c)       data element

d)      field icon

e)      field value

23.   Which module would you use to create a new automation of business logic such as approvals, task and notifications?

a)       Process Automation> active flows

b)      process automation> flow administration

c)       process automation> process flow

d)      process automation> workflow editor

e)      process automation> flow designer

24.   what are the different types of data sources, which may be imported into service now? Choose 4 answers?

a)       implementation spoke

b)      JDBC connection

c)       DataHub

d)      network server

e)      LDAP connection

f)        local sources (i.e., XML, CSV, excel)

25.   What are the examples of UI actions relating to forms? Choose three answers?

a)       form context menu

b)      form columns

c)       form links

d)      form buttons

e)      form View

26.   Which icon would you double Click to expand and collapse the list of all applications and modules?

a)       Funnel

b)      Clock

c)       Application

d)      Star

27.   on what part of the service now instance, would you find the option to impersonate user?

a)       content frame

b)      module

c)       application navigator

d)      banner

28.   what are the main components of the form design interface? Choose 3 answers?

a)       field picker

b)      field layout

c)       form layout

d)      page header

e)      field navigator

29.   what features are available in knowledge management to support continuous improvement on the knowledge articles? Choose 4 answers?

a)       flag article

b)      tag as helpful

c)       submit KB Errata

d)      click frowning icon

e)      Add comments

f)        rate with stars

30.   when a custom table is created, which access control rules are automatically created? Choose 4 answers?

a)       Update

b)      Execute

c)       Create

d)      Read

e)      Delete

f)        Write

31.   when you set a policy that is applied to all data entered into the platform (UI, import sets, or web services). where does this policy required the Default?

a)       Network

b)      Server

c)       Client

d)      Browser

32.   Which tool is used to define relationship between fields in an imports Set table and a target table?

a)       schema map

b)      transform schema

c)       transform map

d)      field transformer

33.   How would you navigate to the schema map for a table?

a)       system definitions> tables. select table. Go to related links and click show schema map

b)      system dictionary> show schema map. select table

c)       system definition> dictionary. select table. go to related links and click show schema map

d)      system definition> show schema map. select table

34.   what feature allows you to limit users able to contribute or read knowledge within a knowledge base?

a)       Roles

b)      user criteria

c)       categories

d)      groups

35.   What does natural language query allow you to do on a list?

a)       set list filter, using audible commands

b)      filter list by typing in a phrase

c)       predict the filter desired by the user

d)      Speak to the condition builder

e)      automatically select a filter based on keywords

36.   your customer has a human resource knowledge base, which is only accessible to members of the human resource department. A new procedure regarding employee quarterly reviews needs to be published to the knowledge base but should be only visible to HR manager. how would you meet this requirement?

a)       Add user criteria for HR manager group on the can read list of the article

b)      add user criteria for HR manager group on the categories can read list

c)       on the knowledge article, add an access control for HR manager group on the can read list, then publish article to any category.

d)      On the knowledge base, add user criteria with a manager can read script to the can read list, publish articles to any category

37.   What type of entitles can receive task assignments, in service now? choose two answers?

a)       Groups

b)      Departments

c)       Teams

d)      Users

38.   what capability allows user to create dashboards with big widgets to visualise data over time in order to identify areas of improvement?

a)       Reporting

b)      scheduled reports

c)       analytics reports

d)      performance analytics

39.   which would you follow when testing a catalogue item that has a manager approval flow? Choose three answers?

a)       make sure the latest flows are activated.

b)      use the instance Incognito settings to quickly toggle between requester and approval

c)       use your admin account, so you can approve the items quickly

d)      impersonate the requester to ensure the form works

e)      make sure the requesters user record as manager specified

f)        Create and select your testing update set before starting the test cases.

40.   when designing a flow, how do you reference data from a record, in that flow?

a)       Use the condition builder to specify the desired values

b)      drag the data pill onto the flow definition

c)       add the table reference using the slush bucket

d)      specify the source table on the data pill related list

e)      drag the table icon onto the flow definition

41.   after finishing your work on high security setting, what is a possible way to return to normal admin security levels?

a)       Select global update set

b)      end impersonation

c)       use system administration> normal security module

d)      select normal role

e)      logout and back in

42.   access controls are evaluated in this order: 1. Match Object against table ACL 2. Match The object against field ACL. Within step one above, what order are the table ACLs evaluated?

a)       general to specific: table ACL, table.field ACL, parent table. field ACL

b)      specific to general: table.field ACL, parent table.field ACL, * Field ACL

c)       top to bottom: wildcard table ACL, parent table ACL, table ACL

d)      bottom to top: table ACL, table. field ACL, parent table. field ACL

e)      specific to general: table ACL, parent table ACL, wildcard(*) ACL

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