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ServiceNow System Administration Part 7


2.       When selecting the target table for an import, which table can you select? choose three answers?

a)       related tables, using dot walk

b)      tables outside of servicenow

c)       tables within the existing application scope

d)      tables within the global scope

e)      tables which allow write access to other applications

3.       A user wants to create a set of filter conditions, where they want to show records which satisfy two conditions: 1. incidents where the state is closed, 2. incidents where assignment group is network. after clicking the funnel icon, what should the user do?

a)       define the first condition; click AND button; define second condition; click run

b)      define the first condition; click OR button; define second condition; press enter

c)       define the first condition; click> icon on breadcrumb, define second condition; press enter

d)      define the first condition; click> icon on breadcrumb, define second condition; click run

e)      define the first condition; click AND button; define second condition; press enter

4.       What import utility does the system use when the field names on the import set match the name of the fields on the target table?

a)       scheme mapping

b)      mapping assist tool

c)       automatic mapping

d)      mapping dashboard

5.       Report designer contains different sections for configuring your report which section is used to adjust the look of your report, including colours, titles and legend layout?

a)       Format

b)      Configure

c)       Layout

d)      Style

6.       Which statement correctly describes the difference between a client script and a business rule?

a)       Client scripting executes before a record is loaded and a business rule executes after a record is loaded

b)      a client script executes on the server and a business rule executes on the client

c)       a client script executes before a record is loaded and a business rule executes after a record is updated

d)      a client script executes on the client and a business rule executes on the server

7.       What are the advantages of using flow designer? choose three answers?

a)       reduces technical debt

b)      enables complicated scripting

c)       less manual scripting

d)      smooth integration with 3rd party system

e)      supports advanced developers

8.       What tool is used to import data from various data sources and map that data into service now tables?

a)       Update set

b)      data pack

c)       import set

d)      transform set

9.       How would you distinguish between a base class table and a parent class table?

a)       extended tables can be extended from parent tables or base tables; but they cannot be extended from both.

b)      base class table is not extended from another table. parent class tables may be extended from another table

c)       base class tables always have tables extended from them. parent tables do not have tables extended from them

d)      extended tables are always extended from parent tables. extended tables are usually extended from base tables

10.   What are three security modules often used by the System Administrator? choose three answers?

a)       system security> security

b)      system properties> security

c)       system security> high security settings

d)      self-service> my access

e)      system security> access control (ACL)

11.   On a filter condition, which component is always a choice list?

a)       Operator

b)      filter criteria

c)       match criteria

d)      operation

12.   Many actions are included with the flow designer, what are some frequently used core-actions? choose four answers?

a)       look for update

b)      wait for condition

c)       create record

d)      look up record

e)      ask for approval

f)        wait for match

13.   For your implementation, the following tables are extended from each other. 1) Incident table is extended from task table 2) super incident table is extended from incident table. in this situation, which tables are parent, child and base tables? choose five answers?

a)       super incident table is a parent table

b)      super incident table is a child table

c)       task table is a child table

d)      super incident table is a base table

e)      task table is a parent table

f)        incident table is a base table

g)       task table is a base table

h)      incident table is a parent table

i)        incident table is a child table

14.   Which is the most efficient way to move large amount of data between instances?

a)       Update sets

b)      export to data package

c)       export to zip

d)      export to XML

15.   Which service now utility gives a service desk agent the ability to trace from a service Having an issue, to see which Cis supporting that service have active issues?

a)       CI health dashboard

b)      event management homepage

c)       service dashboard

d)      CI dependency view

16.   When importing spreadsheet data into service now, what is the first step in the process?

a)       select coalesce

b)      select import set

c)       define data source

d)      run data scrabber

e)      load data

17.   when managing tags, you can adjust who is able to see it. what are the visibility options? choose three answers?

a)       Everyone

b)      groups and users

c)       me

d)      Admins

e)      Roles and permissions

18.   which modules can you use to create a new table? choose two answers?

a)       tables and columns

b)      dictionary

c)       schema map

d)      tables

19.   What service now feature allows you to include data from a secondary related table on a report?

a)       outer join

b)      joins

c)       SQL

d)      dot walking

20.   which of the following are not included in an update set by default? Choose 3 Answers?

a)       Business rules

b)      Schedules

c)       scheduled jobs

d)      transcripts

e)      home pages

f)        data

21.   what options can you see, when you right click on a CI, from the CI dependency view map? choose three answers?

a)       view affected Cis

b)      view cases

c)       view related tasks

d)      view recent outages

e)      view knowledge

22.   you have heard about a new application released by service now. you want to try it out, to see if it might be useful for your company’s service now implementation. what would be the best way to get hands on experience with the new application?

a)       active the application plug in, on your personal dev instance

b)      check the latest release notes on

c)       search the wiki for sales demo request form

d)      Activate the application plug in, on your company’s production instance.

23.   On a filter condition, there is an element, which is based on the table, the user access rights, and column on the table. what is this element called?

a)       Column

b)      Field

c)       data element

d)      attribute

e)      label

24.   which module would you use to customize your instance banner image, text and colours?

a)       service portal> portals> branding

b)      system properties> basic configuration UI16

c)       system UI> UI pages> branding

d)      home page admin> pages> branding

e)      system properties> branding

25.   Which service now capability provides assistance to help users obtain information, make decisions and perform common work task via messaging interface?

a)       Knowledge chat

b)      virtual agent

c)       now support

d)      chat box

e)      agent workspace

26.   service now contains over 25 different report types. what are some of the types? choose five answers?

a)       Semi-donut

b)      Speedometer

c)       Donut

d)      Thermometer

e)      Pie

f)        Horizontal Bar

g)       Odometer

27.   On the CI dependency view, what enables you to trace from an infrastructure item, like a server, to the server that dependent on that server?

a)       Transform app

b)      Relationships

c)       automapping utility

d)      service tracer

28.   which one statement correctly describes access control rule evalution?

a)       roles are evaluated from the general to specific, so a table rule must be active to continue.

b)      if a row level rule and a field level rule exist, both rules must be true before an operation is allowed

c)       rules are evaluated using roles. the role with the most permissions evaluates the rules first

d)      if more than one rules applies to a row, the older rule is evaluated first

29.   Which one of the following describe the primary operations performed against tables in the service now platform?

a)       create, read, upload, delete

b)      capture, rate, write, develop

c)       create, rate, update, delete

d)      create, read, write, delete

30.   what are advantages of using spokes for integration? Choose 3 answers?

a)        free spokes are available in the ServiceNow store

b)      reduces the need for code

c)       features scale and control mechanism

d)      ensures discoverability and reuse

e)      automated event management

31.   when looking at a long list of records, you want to quickly filter, to show only those which have short description containing email. how might you do that?

a)       on search box, select text, type email, click enter

b)      click list magnifier to expand column search, on short description, type email, click enter

c)       click list magnifier to expand column search, on short description, type %email, click enter

d)      click list magnifier to expand column search, on short description, type *email, click enter

32.   a task worker asks how they can monitor any updates occurring to records assigned to him, like responses from customers. what do you suggest?

a)       on my work list, select activity stream icon to show a frame with live updates

b)      select service desk> my work dashboard

c)       open an agent workspace tab for each record he wants to monitor

d)      click on the eyeglass icon to expand the monitor frame

33.   you have an existing customer, who is using work floors for their catalog item. Existing purchasing policies to require approval for any request that totals over $1000. However, management wants to change the approval threshold to $1500. which workflow would you update to make this change?

a)       service approval processing

b)      purchasing process flow

c)       service catalog request

d)      service catalog item request

34.   after you create a new table, what is the best practice regarding the navigation pane? Choose 2 answers?

a)       create application menu with the same name as the table label

b)      set the font style on both the application menu and the module

c)       specify which roles are able to see the module

d)      set the filter condition on the application module

e)      Create module with the plural of the table label

f)        specify which roles are able to see the application menu

35.   What Icon do you use to change the label on your favorite?

a)       Triangle

b)      Star

c)       Clock

d)      Pencil

36.   What is the platform name for the group table?

a)       Group

b)      Sys_user_group

c)       Sys_group

d)      Sys_groups

37.   from a form, what would you Click to modify the order of the fields on the form? Choose 2 answers?

a)       context menu> configure> form layout

b)      context menu> configure> form designer

c)       right click on header> configure> form design

d)      context menu> form> layout

e)      right click on header> configure>UX dashboard

38.   On access control definitions, what are ways you can set the permissions on a table? Choose 3 answers?

a)       Groups

b)      Roles

c)       script that sets the answer variable to true or false

d)      CRUD

e)      conditional expressions

39.   What is used to determine user access to knowledge bases or a knowledge article?

a)       read access flag

b)      privacy settings

c)       user criteria

d)      sn_kb_read, sn_article_read

40.   What is the result of the order in which access controls are evaluated?

a)       Ensures user has access to the application, before evaluating access to a module within the application

b)      ensures user has access to the fields in a table, before considering their access to the table

c)       Ensures user has access to a table, before evaluating access to a field in the table

d)      ensures user can get to work as quickly as possible.

41.   what is a no-code approach to control the mandatory or read only state of a form field?

a)       Client script

b)      UI action

c)       UI policy

d)      UI Rule

UI Script

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