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ServiceNow System Administration Part 8

2.       Which module is used as the first step for importing data?

a)       Transform data

b)      coalesce data

c)       Load data

d)      import data

3.       Which tool graphically displays an infrastructure view for a configuration item (CI) and Its relationship with the other CIs?

a)       Schema map

b)      dependency view

c)       dependency map

d)      database view

4.       Group records are stored in which table?

a)       Group[sys_user_group]

b)      Group[s_sys_group]

c)       Group[u_sys_group]

d)      Group[sn_sys_group]

5.       What is the most common role that has access to almost all platform features, Functions and data?

a)       security admin[security_admin]

b)      System Administrator[admin]

c)       Sys admin[sys_admin]

d)      Admin[sn_admin]

e)      Base admin[base_admin]


6.       What service now features can be triggered by events, and is used to inform users about activities or updates in service now?

a)       Emails

b)      Texts

c)       Alerts

d)      Events

e)      Notifications

7.       The serviceNow platform includes which type of interfaces? Choose 3 answers?

a)       black office dashboard

b)      Now mobile apps

c)       service portals

d)      field service task board

e)      now platform user interfaces

f)        agent Control Center

8.       An IT manager is responsible for the network and hardware assignment groups, each group contains 5 team members. These team members are working on many tasks, but the manager cannot see any tasks on the service desk > My Groups Work List. What could explain this?

a)       the manager is not a member of the network and hardware groups.

b)      the assignment group manager field is empty.

c)       the manager is not a member of the service desk group

d)      the manager does not have the ITIL role.

9.       You are showing your customer a new form that you have created for their new application. they would like to add a field to the form. where could you do that? Choose 2 answers?

a)       select fields and columns module

b)      select field class manager module

c)       click on context menu, select configure > form design

d)      right click on the form header, select configure > form layout

10.   A role is defined as what?

a)       A persona in a workflow

b)      a set of user access policies

c)       a collection of permissions

d)      a set of access control rules

11.   Which application is used primarily to load data into service now?

a)       data import configuration

b)      system import sets

c)       import management

d)      import hub

12.   what are the three key tables in an enterprise CMDB? Choose 3 answers?

a)       Sn_cmdb_bak

b)      Sn_cmdb_ci

c)       Cmdb_rel_ci

d)      Cmdb_bak

e)      Cmdb_ci

f)        Cmdb

g)       Sn_cmdb

13.   How would you define an access control, to allow a user with itil role to have permission to create incident records?

a)       Name: incident.none; operation: create; role: itil

b)      Name: incident. *; operation: write; Permission: itil

c)       Name: incident.none; permission: create; role: itil

d)      Name: incident. *; Permission: write; role: itil

e)      Name: incident.Any; operation: write; Permission: itil

14.   What do you activate when you want to add applications or functionality within your development instance?

a)       Patch

b)      app updated set

c)       app package

d)      plugin

e)      updated pack

15.   from a form, what would you Click to add additional fields to the form? Choose 2 answers?

a)       right click on header > add > field

b)      context menu > form > layout

c)       context menu > configure > form design

d)      context menu > configure > Form layout

e)      context menu > form > designer

f)        right click on header > configure > UX dashboard

16.   what resource can you use to view details of the tables and configuration items (CIs) associated with a particular use case?

a)       scenario dashboard

b)      common service  (CSDM) Product View

c)       CMDB Use Case Modeler

d)      CI Use Case Modeler

17.   service now contains a resource which provides the following: 1) A standard and shared set of service related definition across service now products and platforms that will enable and support true service level reporting. 2) A CMDB framework across our products and platforms that will enable and support multiple configuration strategies. what resource do these statements describe?

a)       information technology infrastructure library (ITIL)

b)      configuration management database (CMDB)

c)       common service data model (CSDM)

d)      information technology service management (ITSM)

18.   you are asked to create an option in the service catalog, which will allow a user to click get help and describe the issue they are having. these forms should create incident records, which are automatically routed to the service desk, which method would you use?

a)       create record producer

b)      create content item

c)       create catalog item

d)      create order guide

19.   what type of query allows you to filter list data using normal words, instead of the condition builder?

a)       natural language query

b)      Alexa query

c)       auto suggest query

d)      machine learning query

e)      predictive intelligence query

20.   what is the best practice related to using the default update set for moving customization and instances?

a)       you should not use the default update sets for moving between instances

b)      keep default updates set to maximum of 20 records, for troubleshooting purposes.

c)       submit default updates set to application repository

d)      merge default update sets before moving between instances

21.   What is the name of the table relationship, where two or more tables are related in a bidirectional relationship, so that the related records are visible from both tables in a related list?

a)       Database view

b)      Extended

c)       many to many

d)      one to many

22.   What function do you use to add buttons, links, and context menu items on forms and list?

a)       UI policies

b)      UI actions

c)       UI settings

d)      UI config

23.   what feature do you use to specify which users are you able to access a service catalog item?

a)       Can order tab.

b)      catalog user role

c)       can read role

d)      User criteria

24.   Tables may have a one-to-many relationship. from the service catalog, what are examples of tables having a one-to-many relationship? Choose 3 answers?

a)       one cart can have many requests

b)      one request can have many requested items

c)       one approval can have many requests

d)      one requested item can have many approvals

e)      one requested item can have many catalog tasks

25.   On a form header, what is the three-bar icon called?

a)       hamburger icon

b)      pancake icon

c)       cake icon

d)      additional actions or context menu

26.   a user is complaining that they are seeing a blank page, when they click create new, from your custom inventory application. you have confirmed that they can see the inventory application, and the create new module on the application navigator. what could be the cause of this issue?

a)       create new module has a broken link

b)      user should be using Chrome instead of explorer for their browser.

c)       user has read role, but not the write role on the inventory table

d)      known intermittent issues with UI15

e)      user session has timed out

27.   which service now capability allows you to provide knowledge articles, via a conventional messaging interface?

a)       Virtual agent

b)      now messenger

c)       agent assist

d)      connect agent

28.   when moving multiple update sets at one time, what might you do to facilitate the move?

a)       Preview

b)      Test

c)       Batch

d)      Verify

29.   what are the components that make up a filter condition? Choose 3 answers?

a)       Field

b)      Column

c)       Value

d)      Operator

e)      match criteria

30.   When impersonating a user for testing purpose, what is the best way to return the instance, logged in with in your user account?

a)       logout and back in

b)      turn your computer off and on again

c)       clear browser cache

d)      end impersonation

31.   What type of field has a drop down list, from which you can pick from predefined options?

a)       drop down

b)      option

c)       choice

d)      picker

32.   a customer requests the following data quality measures to be added: 1. incident number should be read only on all list and forms, For all users. 2. short description field should be mandatory, on all records, across all applications, on insert. which type of policy would you use to meet this requirement?

a)       dictionary design policy

b)      data quality policy

c)       field criteria policy

d)      data policy

33.   User records are stored in which table?

a)       User[sys_user]

b)      User[sn_user]

c)       User[u_sys_user]

d)      User[s_user]

34.   Your Customer would like to create a new templates to notify users who are affected by network outage at their site. which module would you use to create a new notification?

a)       system properties > email > settings

b)      administration > notification overview

c)       user preferences > email > notifications

d)      system notification > email > notifications

e)      click gear > notifications > new

35.   Two departments (HR onboarding and facilities) have come to you, asking for a way for employees to request event room setup services. The requirements are the same for the form and the task routing to the facilities assignment group. 1) For HR, the item will be used primarily for the onboarding condition, for employees orientation sessions. 2) for facilities, the item will be used for anyone in the company who needs room setup services.  However, both departments have their own service catalogs. what do you do, to support these requirements?

a)       create one catalog item for event room setup; then use ACLs to control access.

b)      create one catalog item for HR event room setup and one for facilities even room setup; then publish each to the appropriate catalog

c)       create one catalog item for event room setup; then publish to the parent catalogue, which is accessible to both HR and facilities.

d)      create one catalogue item for event room setup; then publish to both catalogs.


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