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 Certified Implementation Specialist – Human Resources

1.                   When LE Plugin is installed le_admin role automatically added to which role?

a.       HR Admin

2.                   What role must be added to HR Admin to remove user from group?

a.       User_admin

3.                   Which module is used to create bulk HR profile?

a.       Generate HR profile

4.                   How to define which filed are editable on HR profile?

a.        Hr Administrator-> Properties

5.                   Where to set email address to receive email in ServiceNow?

a.       Hr Administrator-> Properties

6.                   What role is required to access the HR Properties module?

a.       HR Admin

7.                   What role is required to access HR Guided Setup?

a.       HR Admin

8.                   What Primary Security aspects are focused on for the HR Application?

a.       Contextual Security

b.       Platform Access

c.       Roles and Groups

9.                   What is used to rollback the Activity or activity set?

a.       Configure Activity to rescind filed on Activity Record

10.               What determine which response templates are visible to use on HR Case?

a.       Table and condition selected on response template record

11.               Who can assign users to HR Group?

a.       Only HR Admin

12.               HR Admin can add user to group but cannot remove it, To do so Which role needed to add in it?

a.       user_admin

13.               Trigger Condition are defined on which level activity set or single activity?

a.       Activity Set

14.               Minimum role required to access HR Application?

a.       HR Basic

15.               Which two roles require to access appropriate application for Emp Service Centre Admin?

a.       sn_hr_sp_admin, sp_admin

16.               Knowledge base searched for the knowledge result section on HR case are determined by.

a.       Contextual Search Configuration

17.               what is used to determine which knowledge article are visible to logged in User?

a.       User Criteria it can be used to restrict content of Emp Service centre

18.               The Employee Document Management [] plugin is a standalone application which require separate subscription.

19.               Which Package contains Auto-Case categorization and Predictive Intelligence?

a.       HR Professional and HR Enterprise

20.               Who are the people with roles assiged to work on task and cases in the ServiceNow platform?

a.       Fulfiller

21.               Users with which department on their user record will be displayed in Manager HR Skill Module?

a.       HR Department

22.               How to make visible of case to Subject Person?

a.       Check "Show case to Subject Person" field

23.               Default time interval to run scheduled job to create bulk cases.

a.       6 hours but admin can change it

24.               Can we restrict Response Template to specific group?

a.       Yes: Using Group visibility field

25.               When is the document is available to subject person to view on Employee Service centre?

a.       By default, once its previewed

26.               E Signature are not same as digital signature

27.               Catalogs item may belong to more than one category

28.               When catalog item are created using "Manage HR Catalog" the associated record producer and HR Service also get created automatically and system automatically adds a script to the catalog item that directs it to display certain information on the employee service centre page

29.               How many plugins are available for lifecycle even from Orlando?

a.       2 Plugins: HR Scoped App LifeCycle Events and HR Scoped App LifeCycle Event for enterprise

30.               Where is the Engagement Governed?

a.       Customer Production Instance, Engagement Instance

31.               Engagement Instance is a non-production instance where customer has to pay for extra instance

32.               Associate admin role of each HR plugin is automatically added to system admin

33.               Why are some tasks locked in task view on Guided Setup?

a.       They Require plugin to be activated

34.               If no audience is selected for an activity, how/when it will trigger?

a.       It will trigger every time

35.               By Default, Caller Access field for all HR Tables is set to caller restriction. while this can be changed to caller tacking for initial configuration, but it should not be changed in production environment. This help in cross scoped attempt denial.

36.               Which property helps to prevent anyone from deleting HR admin role?

a.       sn_hr_admin.min_admin_count

37.               Which table you should extent while creating staging table in HR integration?

a.       HR Integration Staging sn_hr_integration_staging

38.               The Employee Service Centre does not support domain separation, what can be used instead? HR Criteria need to be used

39.               Link Generator use to create link on HR case form which access information outside the application.

40.               Use "Advanced Work assignment" for HR service delivery feature to automatically assign HR cases to agent based on availability, capacity, and skills.

41.               How an admin automatically moves attachment into EDM?

a.       check: Automatically move attachment box

42.               The scoped application, Restricted Caller Access plugin is automatically installed along with HR applications.

43.                HRSD customers are automatically entitled

44.               SIM process states

a.       Initiate  , Prepare , Create , Transition, Close

45.               Parent table of all HR COE tables

a.       sn_hr_core_case

46.               Guided Setup Task View:   

a.       List of tasks for specific category

47.               Guided Setup Category View

a.       Configure category and their task

48.               What happens when Subject Person does not match HR Criteria defined for an activity?

a.       The activity is simply skipped

49.               System by default deny cross scop access in system : Nothing to be configured

50.               Minimum role required to view confidential HR profile data?

a.       HR Basic

51.               Minimum role required to view confidential HR profile data?

a.       HR Manager or Profile Reader when Hr basic not in list

52.               What is not require to configure service "HR professional Only"?

a.       HR Template

53.               What is not require to configure service "Employee Self-Service"?

a.       HR Criteria

54.           The recommended value for “Caller Access” field in the production environment is:

55.           How can HR Tasks be marked as optional?

56.            Which one of the following is NOT a HR Task type that is supported by HR Templates?



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